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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 53 - The Implanted CHIP

Digital Angel (The Chip)

Chapter 53 - The Implanted CHIP

While I was shopping one day, a young female cashier rang up my purchase at K-mart. The total was $6.66. I heard the young lady say under her breath, 'Mark-of the-Beast.' I asked, 'What did you say?' Embarrassed, she said 'Oh nothing.' I said, 'I was sure I heard you say 'Mark of the Beast'.' She grinned sheepishly and replied, 'I did.'

Most everyone has heard the number 666 and is familiar with the term "Mark of the Beast". Not very many people really know what it is all about.

There is a prophecy in the Bible which teaches that immediately before Jesus Christ establishes his 1,000 year kingdom upon earth, there will be a great world government. One of the key features of this world government will be an economic system in which every person will have a number. Without this number an individual will not be able to buy or sell. The problem will be that, in order to obtain a number, one must pledge loyalty to the one world government and the one world religion which will by then be established.

This prophecy is found in Revelation 13:15-18, "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

The Master Plan

Many people today believe that the answer to the problems of our world is one world government. Their theory says that there are three major causes of war upon the earth; political differences, economic differences and religious conflicts. The theory goes that, if we had one world government, one world economy, and a one world religious system, however loosely configured it might be, we would remove the major causes of conflict upon earth, and therefore, we could usher in a period of unprecedented peace and safety.

It is obvious that we are moving into this idealistic new world order right now. The United Nations, since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iraq crisis, has more and more assumed the role of a bona fide world government. It seems the people of the world have accepted this with barely a whimper. One of the favorite tools of this United Nations world government is economic sanctions. When resolutions are passed by the UN against a nation and that nation refuses to comply, the first step to force this nation into obedience is to sanction it economically. Economic sanctions have already been employed by the UN many times. At this present time the purchase and sale of Iraqi oil is controlled by the United Nations.

Revelation chapter 13 not only refers to economic sanctions on nations, but also prophesies that, in the last day world government which we are entering right now, economic sanctions will even be used to control the individual. Such a program as was prophesied 2,000 years ago in the book of Revelation has never been poschiple until the present time. Not until the invention of the computer was the technology even available. With rapid spread of point-of sale terminals, progress toward the prophesied cashless society is right on schedule!

Forces Pushing Us Toward a Cashless Society

The writing of checks and the use of credit cards are very expensive. Paper transactions, on the average, cost banks approximately 75 cents per transaction. A check must be microfilmed on both sides by the recipients bank. It must then be sent to the bank on which it was drawn and again be microfilmed on both sides. Finally, it is mailed back to the writer of the check. A totally electronic transaction, on the other hand, costs on the average of 3 cents per transaction. Some banks conduct as many as one million transactions per day. If all of these were done electronically, an average of 70 cents per transaction could be saved. Seventy cents times 1 million transactions per day would be $700,000 per day that one bank could save. Can you imagine the huge financial savings if you took into account all the banks throughout the country and world?!

There are other severe problems with paper transactions. One-third of the men in Michigan City Prison in the state of Indiana are there for bad check charges. The problem of check verification and the bouncing of checks are continual headaches to the business community. The big corporations of America want to eliminate what we call "float", the time between receiving a customer's check and being able to draw on its deposit. One large corporation has $10 million in float at all times. If all transactions were done electronically, float would be totally eliminated, and this additional capital would immediately become available to those corporations. Credit cards also have their problems. They can be lost or stolen. And they still require the costly involvement of paper because of the needed signature.

Many proponents of a cashless society have pointed out that we could eliminate almost all thievery by moving our economy to a cashless basis. There would simply be no money to steal.

Cashless society would solve the drug problem

The biggest force of all driving us toward the cashless society is the horrible drug trade. The drug industry depends on the use of cash to avoid detection by the law. If there were no cash and all transactions had to done electronically, then immediately the trail of the huge amounts of money involved in the illegal drug trade would become traceable. This argument alone is enough for some people to advocate moving quickly into a cashless society.


Another powerful force in the favor of the cashless society is collecting taxes. The IRS and other world governments would love for every single transaction to be done electronically. It has already been projected that soon US citizens will not even have to submit tax returns. Once all transactions are done electronically, the government will have the ability to know which transactions are deductible and will be able to figure your taxes for you.


Counterfeiting is one more force driving the economic planners of our nation into considering the cashless society. There would simply be no counterfeiting if all transactions were done electronically. In the day of smart cards, when an amount of money can be entered upon a card for use with your personal identification number (PIN), many people say the days of cash are now numbered.

This all sounds pretty good. So what's the problem?! The Bible says that a person who submits to receiving this number can never be saved? Why is receiving this number so wrong? Simply because verse 15 of Revelation 13 tells us that the condition of receiving your number will that you must worship the world government and its one world dictator. If you do not pledge allegiance to this one world government, then you will not be given your number for buying and selling. You will be placed under personal economic sanction by the new world order. But to worship this image, and to pledge allegiance to this dictator will be an act of idolatry against God himself. Revelation 14:9-11 says "...If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."

How close are we to the "Mark of the Beast"?

It took from George Washington to 1980, 200 years, to accrue $1 trillion dollars debt for the United States government. From 1980 to 1984 we gathered a second trillion. By 1987 our national debt had climbed to three trillion. By 1991 it was four trillion. So it took 200 years to accumulate $1 trillion dollars indebtedness for the US government, but only eleven short years to accumulate $3 trillion more. We are now moving toward a total debt of $5 trillion dollars! Presently it takes all the income tax revenue collected east of the Mississippi River to pay just the interest on the national debt. That line is moving westward at 300 miles per year. By 1998 every tax dollar in the entire country will be required just to pay the interest on the national debt. There will be no money to run the government. Obviously we will face national bankruptcy long before this occurs.

Why in the world are our political leaders plunging us down the path towards national bankruptcy?! The world planners specialize in creating crisises and then benevolently curing the very crisis which they created. They are planning one world economy as the solution to the financial crisis toward which America is being steadily lead. Do you really think it is an accident that we accrued in eleven years three times as much national indebtedness as it took us 200 years to accumulate before that time?! It is no accident! It is done by deliberate design! We are right now being prepared for the new world economy-a cashless society where every person will be controlled by the computerization of the citizens of the world!

One of the problems in moving toward a paperless, cashless society is the need for positive identification of the individual making the transaction. There has to be a signature unless another means of positive identification can be developed. Several ideas have been tried. One of them is fingerprinting of every individual for every purpose. However, this is costly, and the public does not like it. Another poschiple method that is in use in some areas is voice recognition. Machines can recognize a person's voice print and identify that person from every person in the world. The technology for this is quite expensive and doesn't seem to hold promise for the worldwide program such as is envisioned.

For some time now certain scientists have wondered if a number could be permanently placed upon the body at birth. This number would be used throughout a person's life. It would become his personal identification number. This is the answer that seems to offer the most promise.

The most bone chilling article of all comes from Reader Digest, November 1976, "Coming Soon: Electronic Money" by Ronald Schiller. In this article he explains all the benefits of the cashless society. His closing paragraph is the most startling: "In this new totally electronic age, the enforcement of financial obligations will present few difficulties, since failure to pay up could be disastrous. The culprit might even be forced to undergo what Electronic Fund Transfer men call 'plastic surgery'”the cutting off of his bank cards. Economically speaking, this would make him a non-person. If there is no cash, and if an individual's right to trade is suspended by putting a hold on his account in a computer system, this article says that person would economically become a non-person. This sounds startlingly like Revelation chapter 13-without the number a person will not be able to buy or sell! And if an individual's ability to buy and sell could be suspended for not paying his bills, could it also be suspended for refusing to embrace the New World Order and its conflict resolving one world religion?!

It is absolutely amazing that a prophecy written 2,000 years ago could foresee the time that such a computerized program could be introduced. Never before in the history of the world has such an electronic cashless society been poschiple. We can credit these intricate prophetic fulfillments to coincidence it we so choose, but it is technology provided to the Illuminati by the Alien Reptilians.

In Comes Verichip

Verichipimplant xray

The 2nd Death

The huge savings alone in the handling of paper money and coinage make this attractive to the international bankers, governments, and investors of all kinds. The advantages of eliminating identity theft are enormous.

666 Mark of the Beast

How close is it?

Implanted Chips... At a Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain, VIP patrons a taking syringe-injected microchips in their hands that will allow them to pay for drinks and access the VIP area of the disco, with a wave of the hand, and don't need to worry about losing a credit card or wallet. Conrad Chase, the director of the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona said, "By simply passing by our reader, the Baja Beach Club will know who you are and what your credit balance is... From the moment of their implantation they will also have free entry and access to the VIP area... The VeriChip that we implant at Baja will not only be for the Baja, but is also useful for whatever other enterprise that makes use of this technology... The objective of this technology is to bring an ID system to a global level that will destroy the need to carry ID documents and credit cards... We are the only company today offering human implantable ID technology... We believe the market opportunity for this technology is substantial, and high-profile successes such as in Spain will serve as catalysts for broader adoption... Everyone embraced the electronic payment application... My customers like the fact that they do not have to carry a credit card or ID card with them. With the VeriPay system, they no longer have to worry about their credit cards getting lost or stolen." During a recent American radio interview, Chase said the CEO of VeriChip, Dr. Keith Bolton, had told him that the company's goal was to market the VeriChip as a global implantable identification system. Baja Beach Clubs International is the first firm to employ the "VeriPay System," developed by Applied Digital's VeriChip Corporation and announced at an international conference in Paris last year. Palm Beach-based Applied Digital Solutions unveiled the original VeriChip immediately after the 9-11 tragedy. Similar to pet identification chips, the VeriChip is a syringe-injectable radio frequency identification microchip that can be read from a few feet away by either a hand-held scanner or by the implantee walking through a "portal" scanner. Information can be wirelessly written to the chip, which contains a unique 10-digit identification number.

In Comes Digital Angel

A network of satellites sends a positioning signal to a chip implanted beneath your skin. That chip, powered solely by body heat, relays the signal and your body's vital stats to a ground station.

The folks manning that ground station, as well as 'authorized' [WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE?] Internet users, can use that information for identifying you, tracking you and monitoring your health.

It's not sci-fi. Applied Digital Solutions (ADS) will, on Oct. 30, unveil and demonstrate Digital Angel, or DA, which is being touted for a number of uses.

There's the potential for the technology to monitor chronically-ill patients, track livestock to ensure food quality, track people who are at-risk for kidnapping, enforce the terms of a parole and identify people for security and ''e-commerce'' applications.

The Digital Angel system makes use of the Global Positioning System's network of satellites to figure out the chip's position. On-board biometric technology is capable of monitoring vital statistics such as body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure. This information is then relayed via either another GPS signal or a wireless communications signal to a remote monitoring system.

The whole system is powered by body heat, so the chip doesn't have any batteries that need replacing. "The power source is building power all the time," says Richard Sullivan, Applied Digital Solutions' CEO.

"In drawing together the GPS and wireless capabilities and the first-ever integration of biosensor and heat-sensitive power regeneration," he says, "we should become the benchmark of the industry ” we should become the industry leader in that area."

Subdermal Silicon

While implantation under the skin in humans is an issue still pending with the Food and Drug Administration, that won't delay the release of Digital Angel. "I think that FDA approval is, in the interim, not necessary because DA can be a wristband or adhered to anywhere on your body via a patch," says Sullivan.

But make no mistake ” implantation is on the way. According to Sullivan, the FDA is first interested in implanting livestock with the chip so the quality of meat can be ensured.

Digital Angel doesn't transmit a signal all the time. Ordinarily, the only way the chip would be activated would be by a controlling authority ” a parent in the case of a kidnapping, an owner in the case of a theft, a doctor in the case of an ill patient.

"If you call upon it, it emits the appropriate information that's requested. And/or in the case of an emergency, it has low-line minimums that cause DA to turn on automatically," says Sullivan. These minimums would activate the chip in an emergency ” a heart attack, for example.

Throw Away Your Credit Cards?

Since Applied Digital Solutions is 'primarily' an 'e-commerce solutions' company, one way the company wants to see the chip used is for identification and authentication for 'electronic commerce'. [Rev 13:17] so that no one could buy or sell except one who had the stamped image of the beast's name or the number that stood for its name.] As Sullivan puts it, "You want to access and go online with your MSN or AOL account, you'll have DA transmitting your profile at request."

The same could be true for Amazon and any other electronic retailer. One-click shopping is somewhat obsolete when competing against something that identifies you by your mere presence.

"When The Chips are Down"

The selling point for implanting biochips beneath your skin is that they cannot be stolen. They can be used to access ATM's, pay bills, sign contracts, verify your identity--all without your wallet--and locate lost or kidnaped children. Should you, yourself, become lost or disabled, a global array of satellites will locate you, or any person who has been implanted with a chip anywhere on the planet.

A chip can contain complete, valuable medical data about its wearer, saving lives in trauma cases. It can also index the wearer's criminal record, voting record, party affiliation, and level of access to government facilities and benefits, all without the wearer knowing exactly what's in there. Citizens will just have to take the government's word that everything is true.

Eventually, governments will insist that all citizens have chips. You will not be able to use your bank, open home utility accounts, nor sign contracts unless fitted with a chip, for 'security purposes.'

One day, your car won't start and you won't be able to get a service nor money to repair it because it your chip is not working. The bank's ATM won't accept your chip's code, yet you see it accepting the chip's of other customers.

Your wife will call from the grocery store, saying her chip also isn't working and she can't buy food for the kids. Once, stores accepted both cash and chip's, but by strict government standards, no one may use cash nor credit cards any more. All for reasons of 'national security' of course.

After hours of begging a government agency for an answer, it will turn out to be that a 20 year old sales clerk in another province, put a hold on your whole family's chips because of an unpaid parking ticket attributed to your vehicle's license plate number.

You shout that you have never even been to that province, but it falls on deaf ears. You are told that you will have to take the matter up with Ms. Dumklerk in person. You telephone the province Department of Revenue from your neighbor's home, as your own phone was just shut off because of your 'criminal status.' They tell you that Ms. Dumklerk is on a leave of absence, so you'll just have to be patient until she returns. No one else can help you, because Ms. Dumklerk encrypted access to all her files with her chip code, which is against procedure, but they never had time to train her properly because they are underfunded and overworked.

You are told to call back in a four weeks, when Ms. Dumclerk might be back from her holiday. Sorry.

Unable to buy or sell, you turn to family, friends and neighbors for aid. You need a car to get to work, food, diapers, milk, a kerosene light for your house and candles, since the electric is shut off.

Your parents try to help, but they are immediately warned at the cash-less register in the store that they are not allowed to exceed their 'fair share' in purchasing food and hardware for an elderly couple, which has already been calculated by the Department of Earth First. Sadly, they give you what little excess they had in their pantry, but it will only help your family for a few days. Nothing for your few friends and neighbors. After surrendering their small hordes, most give excuses, because they know what it means to fall under the scrutiny of the government for exceeding their 'fair share' of the planet's resources, as scientifically defined by U.C. Berkeley.

After two weeks, the baby is whining for milk, the children are begging for food and your wife can't stop crying. You no longer can use a phone to call the province Department of Revenue. Your neighbor just told you that his telephone is off limits, since you caused it to exceed the time allotment authorized by the Department of Communications Conservation. He is now himself under resource scrutiny.

Desperate, with no options left, you remember the old unregistered pistol buried beneath your bedroom floorboards. Never in your life did you think you would stoop this low, but the baby is now screaming non-stop.

Associated Press Trenton, New Jersey TRENTON HERALD Tuesday, November 25 - "A typically over-breeding Trenton terrorist, a father of six, was caught approaching an unnamed convenience store on Broad Street with a concealed weapon. Automated sensors sent an alarm to the Trenton Federal P.D. who immediately surrounded and arrested the terrorist. Fortunately, there were several TFPD agents in plainclothes within one block of the incident. As federal policy dictates, the terrorist's name is being withheld for national security purposes. He will be sent to the island of Guam for a trial by a U.S. Military Tribunal to determine all his accomplices and then be executed. As is mandated by federal law, his immediate relatives will also be terminated to remove the contamination of their defective, terrorist genes from society. All else who are discovered to have aided this terrorist cell will be sent to U.S. Department of Education camps in Ohio. Several neighbors are already under arrest by counter-terrorism SWAT agents. U.S. Senator Hiram Walker has called for a Joint Investigation Committee to stop terrorist violence, as seen in Trenton, by retrofitting all chip's with explosive charges so that federal police agents at the local level may interdict such crimes more immediately. He pointed out the multi-billion dollar savings to the tax payer if the practice of sending thousands of terrorists and their genetic carriers to Guam every month can be stopped because FPD units will have the great privilege to solve such problems locally with the new Explosive Biochips (Echip) on defective terrorist gene groups and their abettors. The Senator stated his supreme confidence that all straight-thinking citizens would welcome the new Echips in the name of national security. Senator Walker added that he anticipates no resistance by his constituents, because such objections would be unpatriotic and thus be in violation of the Amended USA P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act."

Making the Choice to Side With or Against the Alien Rulership (How to make the Right Choice)

This Awareness indicates that the concern entities need to hold is for the welfare of others as well as for their own soul growth. This Awareness indicates that if you are in a situation in which your soul growth is of highest priority, then of course, without question, you will automatically choose to follow your own integrity regardless of cost. If you are in a situation in which the welfare of those whom you love depends on your compromising your soul growth integrity, you will experience a dilemma.

This Awareness suggests however, that in every situation, if your intentions are of the highest, there will come a time of decision that will be based largely on all your deepest and most inner feelings, those of love, those of duty, those of responchipility, those of desire, and in that brief moment you will make a decision regardless of what anyone has told you, regardless of what anyone has suggested, and if that decision is based on truth and integrity within yourself, and if there is no fear involved that is causing you to act out of fear, the choice you make will be the right choice.

If however, you act out of fear or greed or self-interest, the choice will invariable be the wrong choice. This Awareness indicates that it is true, every one need to go through moments in their lives where they need to make choices. It is poschiple for entities to forestall these choices by being prepared ahead of time, by circumventing the situation that would require the choice or by seeing ahead, taking steps so that the choice is not as extreme in its nature, so that a choice made does not carry such consequences.

This Awareness indicates one may prepare oneself so that they are not easily trapped into making a choice, so that they can have options at the time, more than the options provided by those who would entrap them; that this would be an appropriate way to ward off such a confrontation.

This Awareness if you see there is on the path you're taking, the potential for having to make a choice, either direction of the choice being unacceptable to you, then it would be to your benefit to make your choice before reaching that crossroads and choose to avoid the crossroads by taking off early in a different direction, or preparing yourself for the event, if indeed you must come to that crossroads, so that you have more options than those which are offered. It is likened unto driving down a highway knowing there is a roadblock ahead, deciding rather than to go to the roadblock, to turn off ahead of time or to go back a different direction or to stop at a motel and wait, or if you cannot get off because, for example, you are on a train that does not stop or allow any opportunity to disembark and you know that the next station where you stop there is a going to be a confrontation with someone, then you have only the option of preparing yourself for that confrontation.

If you accept the Alien "Mark of the Beast"

There are many who believe that if they accept the brand or Mark of the Beast, which is essentially an alien brand marking their property, as humans brand cattle to mark their ownership of the cattle; that they will lose (Ed. their control of) their soul. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the alien factor, this could well occur, since the aliens have the ability to sever souls from the individuals and to make clones using souls or parts of the soul of individuals. And also, the aliens may in their agenda, promote the concept of rapture in which they pick up individuals and take them to, (this particularly referring to the Draco), take them to their own home planet to be used for breeding and husbandry for livestock, for food for their populations.

This Awareness indicates neither of these scenarios appeals to individuals because each threatens their individual's own welfare and livelihood. This Awareness indicates that it is best for entities to avoid the Mark or brand. It is also best to avoid being abducted by aliens through a fake rapture. This Awareness suggests that if one can avoid these, then one is likely to be better able to survive unscathed for longer periods. If these are not escapable, it is important to keep in mind that your soul is your soul, and even when it is severed and taken into a clone, you still posses your soul, even though in another body.

Once Injected into the Body, the Identity-Chip Can't be Removed

This Awareness wishes to explain that those who have the Mark forced upon them, such as children or entities who are incapable of resisting the Mark because of force will not experience that which is the separation of the soul. This Awareness indicates it is the entity who willingly takes the Mark that is in danger of losing (Ed. the control of) his or her soul.

This Awareness indicates that it is to be understood that the so-called Mark is not as harmless as once was thought to be in terms of its physical nature. It is not simply a laser mark, or a mark that can be read by laser, it is not simply a bar code. It will be a chip that will be embedded in the hand or the forehead, and it will operate from the heat from the body.

It will have lithium batteries that are heated by the body and thus, recharged by the heat so that they are intended to be more or less indefinitely charged. This Awareness indicates the lithium batteries*, if damaged will leak* into the system causing toxins within one's body so that an entity may begin to develop the boils as described in the Book of Revelation.

These boils being from all over one's system caused by the leaking batteries from the chip. This Awareness indicates that these leaking batteries and the radiation involved in the chip as that which will create extreme pain for many entities who accept the Mark as this begins to have its effect when the batteries and the chip begin to grow old and begin falling apart.

This Awareness indicates of course, there will be entities who will try to take these out, but in the process of trying to extract these chips, they will also damage the chips and cause the same of toxic release so there will be many who will suffer from this in the physical sense as well in the spiritual sense.

This Awareness has discussed this briefly in an earlier reading, that those who do not take the chip are likely to become outcasts in society, much like the untouchables in India, but this will be far better than accepting the chip, and the consequences spiritually and physically.

Reject the Chip and You Lose All Worldly Possessions

This Awareness indicates of course, this will mean that many entities will lose their worldly possessions if they do not accept and take the chip, the Mark. It is a choice that entities will be required to make at some point. It is part of the New World Order programming and planned population control.

This Awareness indicates that many entities who have lived through the Nazi Germany scenario will recognize similarities as these programs are brought down upon the masses, and they will not go for the scenario as easily as those who do not know what is occurring or do not wish to challenge the powers that would impose a totalitarian state upon its people.

Another Reason to Create Mass Unemployment

It is seen unto being officially informed that you must take the Mark in order to receive certain benefits, and much in the way that children are told they must be inoculated if they are going to attend public school. This Awareness indicates that it is very likely there will be other mass programs of such nature whereby the government informs entities they must receive vaccinations against this or that type of plague or illness that is a threat to society, similar to that which occurred with the polio vaccine in the Fifties and Sixties. This Awareness indicates that of course, entities will voluntary go into the clinics to receive their vaccinations and have it on their record and they may be asked to present evidence or proof of this at some future time in order to receive some benefit.

It is very likely that they will be told at a time when there is an economic crisis that: "In order to receive some government dole, such as a debit amount in your bank account, you will be allowed a certain amount of credit from the government if you receive this chip in your hand," which will allow them to keep track of your economic and social standing.

This Awareness indicates that this is likely to be introduced as something that will lead entities to voluntarily accept the Mark.

This Awareness indicates that already this has been attempted in New York City, whereby entities were paid $25 to be involved in an experiment whereby they would receive this chip placed in their hand. It is placed in their hand much likened unto a vaccine needle; it is so small it can be injected. This Awareness indicates that entities were lining up and fighting each other to get involved in that project and to be paid $25. This of course was during a time when entities needed $25 very desperately.

You can imagine how it might be if this were on a widescale nationwide level at a time when more money was being offered and jobs were even more scare throughout the nation because of some economic crisis. This Awareness indicates it appears approximately three thousand people were given this chip at that time and indeed, it was an experiment. Basically it was a test for the system.

Reason for Implanting Children Will be Used by Officials

This Awareness indicates there are also frequently situations whereby agencies will speak of the need to protect your children from abductions and so forth, and there will be the offer to give these children some kind of a chip that will make them so that they can be found, regardless of where they are. These chips are such that no matter where an entity is, no matter where an animal is that such a chip, they can be found in a matter of hours.

The satellites overhead can locate them and the location allows patrol cars on the ground to drive to that location and further zero in on the entity so that a dog transported thousand of miles away could still be found, just as easy as if it were only around the corner.

This Awareness indicates that these chip will contain total information about a person, from childhood up to present, and continue to add to that information as the entity lives from day to day, purchasing magazines, reading material, food or receiving health treatments, medications, et cetera. All of this will go into the chip as an entity moves in and out of business transactions at stores, health clinics or libraries, book stores, record or music shops or whatever.

All of the information gathered will be readable from there to any office seeking to research the entity. This Awareness indicates there is already in place a system for data base information on almost every entity; this is a software program that is used around the world by most countries in their computers. The system is known as PROMIS.

Government Agencies Already Using Beast System

It appears that this system can collect the data, alter data, and read data on any individual by those forces, the intelligence agencies that use the system. It is used by NSA, the CIA and the FBI in the United States. It is used in other countries and anything one country has on its citizens can be read from any other country, so that it becomes a worldwide network for information, relating to individuals that purchase from credit cards.

Anything having to do with their banking, their purchasing and their health and medical records; anything that goes on any record for computer purposes can be tapped by various agencies, either private or governmental.

This Awareness indicates that when the chip is placed in entities' foreheads, the information will become more automatic and easy to acquire, because it will automatically be sent to these mainframe computers as soon as entities make a purchase at a retail terminal.

This Awareness indicates that when the New World Order is fully in operation it is most likely that cash will be taken from society and only paper or electronic records of business economic transactions will be recognized or legal.

(* ED. Could it be that, due to the entrance of the Earth into the Photon-Belt, which changes the atmospheric conditions and frequencies, the lithium will start to leak out of the chips?) From a reader about Shumannn Resonance: the Schumann Waves are a part of the planet, and our lives. They are so vitally important, that astronauts, have to have them created for them when in space capsules. They are the wonderful vibrations of Mother Earth and without them we could not exist. The trouble is that they are no longer stable, as recently the waves have increased. In the 1980's they were at 7.8 hertz. At 1995 they had become 8.6 hertz. At the Millennium they were 13 hertz, and apparently they are now climbing. This doubling, could well be the indication of frequency changes in the planet, that so many people have been writing about? Read about the chip powered by a lithium ion battery as a "Satellite Baby-Sitting Service" that can be recharged through the skin and use a proprietary antenna capable of transmitting signals through flesh and muscle. )


There is no guarantee for a Happy Death

Even if you are taken to another constellation to be raised for food to feed the Reptilian gods, you are still yourself, and can remain yourself to your moment of death. This Awareness indicates that neither is desirable, but then neither is death by cancer or any other disease of a natural order desirable. There is no absolute way of guaranteeing entities a happy death, for happiness is a state of mind, and if entities can cling to the light within, regardless of what occurs without, they can diminish the suffering of the passing over.

This Awareness indicates It cannot assure anyone that they will not pass over. It is enough to assure entities who read this information that by being close to this Awareness, they will be spared the extremes of these conditions. This Awareness indicates it is unnecessary to accept the Mark of the Beast number in order to survive. You can survive without it. You cannot survive with it. To not have the mark of the Beast means you have to survive outside the money system>.

You might be able to live off the land, learn what herbs are edible, etceteras, but in taking the Mark of the Beast sooner or later you will be harvested as one of the properties of the aliens and will be used for their slaughterhouse, to be butchered, to have adrenalchrome taken from you, or to be eaten or otherwise used for breeding purposes until you have been totally drained and then put to death.

This Awareness indicates that the Mark enslaves you, therefore, this Awareness suggests you not accept the Mark. This Awareness indicates that this Mark is more than a mark on the hand. These entities will also place these implants in other spots so that they cannot be removed. Those that are on the hands may be removed. This Awareness suggests that it ever comes to this, that you get together with others who likewise want to avoid the Mark, and this Awareness suggests that you will find that there are many.

This Awareness indicates if it comes to this, there will be revolution, that many will refuse to accept the Mark and this will create great havoc for the aliens in their efforts to subdue the human race. This Awareness indicates they only want a certain number of implanted humans for their slave force. Most of the Third World people will be left untouched. The greater portion of people on earth will not be implanted with this chip in their wrist or hand. This Awareness suggests you not think it is going to be forced on you, for it will be a matter of your own choice whether you sell your soul for economic benefits that come with taking the implant or whether you remain yourself and remain your own property.

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