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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 42 - The Kill

tech9 machine gun

Chapter 42 - The Kill

Tommy Napoli was waiting for me when I arrived in Orlando. I brought my clothes, drum machine, boom box, and QY10. We then headed for Tommy apartment. Tommy and Patty welcomed me tremendously. I then told them what had happened with everything. I told them that I wanted to try and get a job, or to see if I would like it here. They were wonderful and completely understanding. They told me just to relax for a month. Tommy said that they had a Jacuzzi and swimming pool. Just relax and don´t do anything. They set-up an extra bedroom for me, and then we retired for the evening. The next day, Tommy took me around Orlando. We then visited his wonderful mother. Then we went to see his sister, Trisha, who had many kids. I was wonderful seeing the kids again. They used to live in Brooklyn also. Tommy had a great convertible vehicle. He gave me the keys to the car and told me to knock my self out, which means do whatever you like. Everything was wonderful, and Tommy and Patty treated me like gold. What they didn´t know was that I was in Florida for death and murder.

I had decided that the best way to kill everyone was to get them all together at one time. It was apparent that the only time they would all would be possibly together is during Easter Sunday. Therefore, it was set. It would be the Sunday Easter Day Massacre.

I went to the gun shop and bought a Tech 9 with two clips which held 32 rounds in each clip. I also bought a cleaner for the gun. A Tech 9 is a compact sub-machine gun just as the photo above. I then went to a firing range and practiced using it. I told Tommy and Patty that I bought the gun, and they didn´t think anything about it. Tommy owned a gun also. He kept it in his bedroom. I would then go to the firing range every week to practice.

Tommy had a painting business. He loved painting. He would paint these apartment complexes´s that were all over the place in Orlando. It´s a shame that such a multi-talented individual with accomplished work would be painting apartments. His wife and his relationship with her meant everything to him. To each his own!

As Easter Sunday came closer and closer, I was getting mentally ready. It was something I had to do. No doubt about it. I was ready to do it and couldn´t wait for the moment of pay back. I had one problem, I needed to use Tommy´s car. Tommy had a convertible and a van he used for the business. I had the keys to the car. It was the Thursday before Easter Sunday. Tommy and Patty were planning an Easter holiday dinner. My money was now down to $2,000.00. In order for me to make everything work, I need to take off early. I waited for Tommy and Patty to go to sleep. I then grabbed my Tech 9 and ammunition and took off for Miami Beach. I had three days to kill, and I thought I would go to Miami Beach to party and spend more money. I didn´t want to die with any money.

I arrived in Miami Beach for the first time in my life on Friday morning about 6:00AM. I took a driving tour through the beach area. It was beautiful. All the hotel building looked liked the 1930´s. It was wonderful. I then needed to find a reasonable place to rent. I eventually found a cheap place to rent that was not Crack Cocaine infested. I went to sleep and woke-up that evening and decided to hit one of the clubs in Miami Beach. I found the club with the most people standing outside and entered. I had a wonderful time dancing and listening to the house music. When the night ended, I returned to my hotel to sleep. I woke-up early in the morning and headed out to the West Coast of Florida where my family lived.

My brother lived in Punta Gorda, and my sister Rosetta lived in Port Charlette. They were a stone throw away from each other. I needed to check out the area and learn where they were located. Then I needed to learn the best way to shoot both of them quickly if they were separated during Easter. I also need to find my brother´s business. My brother had a deli somewhere in town. I had all their addresses. I headed west through the Everglades and arrived in Port Charlette. My sister Jeanette lived in Fort Myers, but she had an unlisted telephone number and no one would tell me her address. Jeanette was the heart and backbone to all this trouble. That is why she didn´t want me to know where she lived.

I drove into a gas station and bought a map of the area. I checked my sister Rosetta´s location and my brother´s location on the map. First I drove to my sister Rosetta´s house. I located it and past by it a few times to get used to the area. Then I went to find my brothers house. His house was very difficult to locate because he lived near the ocean with a lot of complicated unknown streets. His area was being developed. It took me a long time to find his house, but once I did, I checked the area out completely. I knew I needed to right down the turns I needed to make on the escape. I knew that once I pulled the trigger, I was going to get confused and I might not find my way out. I wrote out the exit turns to escape quickly. Once I had everything planned-out I rent a motel room in the area. I then went to sleep for awhile.

I woke-up about 8:00PM Saturday night, and decided to have my last night out back in Miami Beach since I had a great time there. I then drove back to Miami to the same club and partied all night. As soon as I left the club I headed back to Port Charlette. It was tree hours drive one way. I arrived back into my motel on Easter morning about 7:00AM. My idea was to hit them around dinner time, 6:00PM. I then went to sleep.

I woke-up at 6:00PM and the sun was just beginning to set. I took out my Tech 9 and made it ready. I loaded all the 9mm bullets into the clips carefully. I then taped the two clips together his way I didn´t have to reload. I now had only $300.00 left out of the $18,000.00. Then with everything ready, I went over my plan again. I would drive to my brother´s house and park the car close to the house facing toward the exit. I would then walk up to the house and turn the door knob. If the door opened fine. If it didn´t then I would ring the bell. I needed to make sure my brother was there. If I opened fire and he wasn´t there, then it would be useless to have him get away. I would then open fire until everyone, no matter who was there, got hit.

I would then quickly exit without running to keep my energy low. I would jump into the convertible and follow the written directions out. If I was being pursued by the police, then I would put a bullet in my head, and that would be it. God would then be my judgment. If I made it out without any problem, then I would drive to my sister´s house and do it again. Then I would definitely put one round through my head. I wrote a check-list and completed every item. I was ready to go. I dressed-up for the occasion. I knew that Tommy and Patty would not be in trouble, because they were oblivious of everything. I´m set to go. I then got down on my knees and prayed to God for forgiveness for what I was about to do for about fifteen minutes. I told God that I needed to accomplish this. Then I took off ready for action.

I went to my sister Rosetta´s house first to see if they were all there. To my surprise, no one was there. The house was empty. When I passed by yesterday, there were a lot of cars parked around the house and many people were there. Now there is no one. Fuck. Maybe they went to my brother´s house. I drove to my brother´s house and didn´t see my brother´s car. Maybe it was in the garage. There were only two cars in the driveway. I need to spot my brother before I start shooting. I grabbed the Tech 9 and cocked it ready. I parked my car in the right manner and walked to the house. It was dark outside. I walked up to the house ready to roll. I walked up to the front door and looked through the front windows. I could see two people in their living room, but I didn´t recognize who they were. I was looking for my brother and his wife. I stayed there for a few minutes hoping to see if my brother was in the house. Then I seen my brother´s wife look at me, before I could shoot, she ducts into a room. I didn´t know if she seen me or not so I waited to see if she would come-out of the room. I still didn´t see my brother. There was no action happening in the house. I needed to abort. I think my brother´s wife saw me and I needed to get away in case she called the police. My brother was no where to be found. Therefore, I quickly aborted. I went back to the car and proceeded back to my hotel. I needed to think of another tactic. It almost happened. If I would have shot and my brother was out somewhere getting cake or something, then it would have been wasted. I had all night to think of what to do next. I figured I would try Monday. I was very disappointed that my plan didn´t work. I was sure that they would all get together for Easter Sunday.

When I awoke the next day, I had another plan which I thought of during my sleep. I decided to call them up and tell them that I wanted to come to Florida. Then when they thought I arrived they would all be together and I could get them all in one place. I called my brother. I told my brother that I was sorry for doing what I did to the house, but I decided that I needed to be close to my family. I wanted to come to Florida. My brother said that he didn´t care what I did to the house. As far as I was concerned, he replied, it´s all over and done with. However, I don´t know about your sisters. They don´t like what you did. You´re going to have to talk with them. As far as I´m concerned, you can come here, but I don´t think there´s anything for you here. I said, OK What is Jeannette´s number? I´ll call her and find out. My brother told me that he could give out her number, but that he would call her, and asked me to call back in fifteen minutes and I´ll tell you what she said. I then hung-up the phone and waited. Thinks are not going too well here.

I called my brother back and he said that my sister Jeanette doesn´t want anything to do with you. However, you could call your sister Rosetta and ask her. He told me to call him back. I then called my sister Rosetta and spoke with her. I told her I was sorry about the house, and she told me that I did a bad thing. We talked a bit and then I told her that I wanted to come to Florida. She told me that Jeanette is furious with you, but if you want you could come here, but there is nothing here for you. I then told her that my family is for me (Bunch of bullshit). Then my sister Rosetta said, Chuck, listen. My family is my husband´s family. I don´t like your brother. I never did. He is corrupt and a manipulator. I´m in business with him, and shortly I am getting out of business with him. I don´t want anything to do with your brother and his wife, and I don´t want anything to do with you Sister Jeanette. They are not nice people. I don´t consider them my family. My husband, my children, and my husband´s family are my family. They are the only one´s that treated me with respect and love. As far as I´m concerned your brother and sister Jeanette can croak, and I won´t give a shit. Every since your father died things went down the drain. I don´t like our mother either. She´s a controlling son of a bitch. So there you have it. If you come here you´re making a mistake. I understood and told her goodbye, and she wished me luck. I then hung-up the phone and thought for a quiet moment. Then I bowed my head and said, Their not worth killing. What a dysfunctional family. They're not even worth the bullets. I replied.

Suddenly I felt a spiritual glow of light through my brain. I looked-up straight ahead, and I was free. I suddenly had no feelings for my family. I was relieved. All my life I had this family problem. I wanted to share all the beautiful moments with my family, but it was not possible. I always felt something missing in my life, and I knew it was the family. For forty seven years I felt this missing entity. Now I am free. I don´t feel anything anymore, and most of all I don´t need them. I packed-up my stuff and headed back to Orlando to Tommy´s house. Before I headed out of Port Charlette, I decided to pass by my brother´s house once again. I knew he was home, and I wanted him to know that I was already in Florida. I pulled up to his house and he was standing outside in front of the house with his wife, and the two people I could recognize. He saw me sitting in the convertible. Then I could see his wife ask him who that was. He said to his wife that it was me, his brother. His wife then said to him, Get rid of him. I stood there looking at him and he made a sign for me to pull in the driveway. I pulled in the driveway and now recognized my Uncle and Aunt. My brother had tears in his eyes and we both looked at each other saying nothing. My Uncle who was so glad to see me, told me to come inside. I told my Uncle in front of my brother that I had to leave. Then I looked at my brother and said to him, Have a good life. He replied, You too. I then backed out of the driveway and headed to my sister Rosetta´s house. I wanted to take some 9mm bullets and throw them on the floor, but confronting him face to face unexpectedly was emotional enough. Then as I was almost at my sister´s house, I saw her and her daughter laughing in a car heading the opposite way. I wondered if it was them. I thought it was. I tried to make a U-turn, and lost them quickly. Then I made another U-turn and went to the house. No one was there. That probably, was them. I left my calling card by leaving some 9mm bullets on the doorstep. I wondered then if everything my sister Rosetta told me on the phone was bullshit. Just to keep me calm. My sister Rosetta is good at that. However, it doesn´t matter any more I´m free from it all. I then headed for Orlando. As I was driving back I tried to think of my family, but nothing would come to my mind. I was totally free from it all, and I knew there wasn´t going to be a problem thinking about my family ever again. I was very happy, and very relieved. The problem now was Tommy and Patty. I knew they were going to scold me for disappearing with their car during the Easter holiday. However, I didn´t care, because I had this sensation of being totally free. No matter what they said to me, my mission had turned out to be very successful. Even if it turned out in the opposite way. I only now had $200.00 left and I didn´t care.

I arrived at Tommy´s apartment and walked in the house. Tommy was there and Patty was in the bedroom. Tommy said, What the fuck is going on? I knew that Patty was listening, but she gave Tommy the job to scold me. I then told Tommy the whole true story from the beginning. Then I told him the outcome. I told him that I was finally free and apologized. Tommy kept on getting on my case. It appears that he didn´t like it all. Tommy said, What the fuck were you going to do... kill them and yourself and let my wife and I holding the bag. Tommy, I said, I knew you wouldn´t get in trouble in the long run, however, everything turned out fine. I´m back and there´s no more problem. Tommy had to tell me off for Patty too, and he kept right at it, telling me about my irresponsibility. I then got pissed-off because he wouldn´t stop. I said out loud so Patty could hear clearly, Look Tommy, You called me and came to my house when the Mafia was looking for you. You never told me anything. The Mafia could have come to my house and killed us both. You still never told me anything. So don´t give me this shit right now. Let´s all forget about it and be happy from now on. I´m free. Everything turned out OK. It´s all over. Please except my apology. Tommy knew what he did in Brooklyn, and he had no words to say. He then told me goodnight and he went into the bedroom to join Patty. I knew that Patty had nothing to say after what I reminded him of. We all went to sleep.

The next day, everything was fine. Tommy didn´t take the car keys away from me, and Patty was very cool. I called Jim Bergstedt to tell him the great news. I then called Jason to tell him the great news. Except, I hardly had any money left. I stood in Orlando for two more weeks thinking of what I was going to do now that I was still alive. I didn´t know where to go. I called Jim Bergstedt and he told me with a positive attitude, and he usually does, to come to Denver. Denver is growing and becoming a beautiful city and you could stay with me until you get back on your feet. I told him that it sounded good. I now had about $50.00 left. I went to the bus station to find out how much a bus ticket to Denver cost. They told me $150.00 one way. I then only had $50.00. I then went to the gun pawn shop and pawned my Tech 9 for 75.00 total. I how had $125.00. Tommy gave me another $25.00 and I bought the Ticket to Denver. Tommy and Patty drove me to the bus station and waited for me to get on the bus. Then Patty gave me this bag full of some sandwiches. That was so very wonderful of Patty. I then was ready to board the bus. I kissed Patty and told her that I owed her and apology. Patty then gave me a hug and said, Good Luck. Then I hugged Tommy goodbye. The most talented man I ever knew. I then entered the bus and they waved goodbye as it left the station. I was going to miss them very much. The next day while on the bus, I opened the bag to grab and eat a sandwich. In the bag was a little can full of change-money that Patty had left me. What a beautiful lady Tommy has. Now I know why he gave-up his talent to be with her. Sometimes, certain things mean more than anything.

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