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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 40 - The Fight

Disappointed with Family Tatics

Chapter 40 - The Fight

I could not believe the balls brother and sister's and that they would do such a thing. It appears that they would do anything to stop me from getting the money, but I have faith in my mother. I guess that is why she told me not to tell them about the money. One day they will get theirs. If I don´t give it to them first, but I promised my mother I wouldn´t do anything for now. I will keep the piece. When I get the money I will be free from them all.

A few weeks later, my mother told me that my brother and his wife were coming to New York for a christening. She asked me not to make trouble. I told her that I wouldn´t. I really didn't care. I was getting the money for my new business. My brother and his wife had arrived a week later and visited my mother at the house. I heard them come into the house. I was sleeping from driving all night, but I could here them all talking upstairs. I decided to go upstairs to see what was going on. I arrived upstairs and said hello to the both of them. They said that my bothers wife´s niece was having a christening. I asked them how long they were going to be in town. They said just for a couple of days. We talked a few moments and then they left. I didn´t want to have anything to do with them. I just went along with the flow.

Two days later, I was in a deep sleep, but I had heard my brother upstairs. I was extremely tired. I slightly overheard a few words here and there, but I was wishing for quiet to resume my peaceful sleep. I overheard something about them going out to eat. Then I heard them all walk out the door, and I was happy to continue my sleep uninterrupted. When I woke-up around 4:00PM. I went upstairs to see if there was something to eat. I was in the kitchen, and my mother called me to the living room. I asked what she wanted. She asked me to sit down. I then asked, What´s up! My mother said that my brother and his wife asked me to get my bankbook that they were taking me to the bank. I was confused and you were sleeping so I did what they asked. They were taking me to the bank because they wanted me to sign a power-of-attorney. I told them that they could do it at the Notary Public down the block on West 7th Street. We went there and they had me sign some papers. I then asked my mother, What did you sign? She said that she didn´t know. I asked, How come you don´t know? Didn´t they tell you? She said that she thinks that it was the power-of-attorney. What bothered me", my mother replayed, "was that they had three papers, one for Jeanette, one for Rosetta, and one for your brother. I asked him why you´re leaving Charles out of it? Your brother said that he wasn´t leaving anyone out of it, and asked me to sign. "I didn´t want to cause any trouble, but I did´t like the idea," she said. I suddenly became furious and stars and light of thinking confusion were traveling through my eyes. I said to my mother, How could you sign something and not know what it is? She told me that she wanted him to sell the house, and she was afraid that if she didn´t sign it, then when she got to Florida they would give her trouble or neglect her.

I was totally pissed off. This sounds to me that my brother took charge of all my mothers possessions. Fuck! There goes my money. My mother agreed. My corrupt family is trying to fuck me and my mother. I am going to get to the bottom of this. I then got on the telephone and called my sister Rosetta to find out what was going on. My sister Rosetta said that she knows about the power-of-attorney form, but that is just so your brother can sell the house. I asked her why no one told me that my brother was going to come here and do it and why does our mother not have a copy. And, why don't I have a copy? You all seem to have copies, but I and your mother do not. Why? She said not to worry it's not a big thing. Well, if it's not a big thing then you can send me a copy. My sister paused for a moment! After a bit of vague discussions, she eventually said that she would send me and my mother a copy, but it never arrived after waiting for two weeks. Knowing my sisters and my brother and my brother's wife were pulling a fast one. I quickly wrote a retraction to the power-of-attorney and had my mother sign it to stop it. Just in case the document was for total control of everything belonging to my mother. For added insurance, I brought my mother to her Brooklyn neighborhood attorney and he made a letter to send to my brother for my mother.

Make it Null and Void

I called my brother again and told him that if he didn't send us a copy of the power-of-attorney that I would stop it and it wouldn't be good anymore. I also told him that my mother was upset and my brother finally agreed to send us a copy. Actually, he had the real estate agency in Brooklyn deliver a copy. As I read the document, it appears that they did take control of all my mothers assets, everything! It was then that I realized that my recording studio business that took so much effort to set up and put together, probably will be lost and if my mother dies in Florida, they will take and have control for themselves everything that my mother owns including all her money. I became much more angry especially at my brother and I wanted to kill the fucker. All i could think about is the bad words he said to my mother about me and now the way he is treating us.

My mother told me that my brother is coming up to Brooklyn to move her out of the house and taking her to Florida. I told her that the house isn´t sold yet. My mother said, What am I to do? I felt so sorry for her. I told her that I was going to kill my brother. I told her that I was glad he was coming, because I´m going to settle with him. My mother said that she didn´t want any trouble. I told her that there would be plenty of trouble. My mother then told me that she was ready to give me the money. She said that just before he comes I will give you the money. Then I want you to disappear for a week until we both leave. If you don´t do what I say then I wont give you the money. I told her all right. I´ll do it your way. I´ll get the money and do what I was supposed to do, and I´ll try to forget what he´s doing to you. However, I told her, I´ll get my money, but he´s going to rip you off. She told me to let her worry about it. She told me that she could handle herself even though she´s old. OK", I said, "When is he coming?" She said that he will be here on Monday, and they were going to leave on the following Sunday. She told me that she will give me the money on Saturday. I told her OK. Then I said to my mother, Are you sure this is what you want, moving to Florida. Because I´ll take you to Arizona somewhere and take care of you. It´s really nice out there and your arthritis would not bother you that much because it is a dry climate. Are you sure you want to do this? I want what's best for you. I want you to be happy and independent, because you have always enjoyed that. I told her that I will give her my life and take care of her like she did for me and her children all our lives. My mother thought for a moment and told me that Florida would be her best bet. She said that she wanted me to have my own life and that I had given her enough of the years of my life and time to her. She said that I gave up many things to take care of her all these years and that I have a degree now and she wanted me to get on with my life on my own.

No one in my family wanted to take care of her. My brother, said that she would interfere with his personal life. They had their friends come to their house and they didn't want an old lady hanging around. My sisters felt the same way also. No one wanted her. Instead, they found a home that is sort of like her own apartment for $1000.00 a month located within a home for old people. The home would take care of her, but it will be very expensive. My brother and sister chose this method so none of them would have any added responsibility. What a fucked up family I have. They are all Motherfuckers.

Knowing I was getting the money now, I contacted Lawrence and told him that I will be able to settle the rehearsal/recording studio deal on Monday. I asked Lawrence if I could stay at his house for a week so I could stay away from my brother when he came to Brooklyn to take my mother to Florida. Lawrence knew the whole story and agreed to let me stay at his apartment. He was also happy that I was getting the money and I would be able to have my own business. He was happy for me.

Saturday came along and my mother asked me to come to the top floor of our house to her bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and gave me an envelope full of money. I opened the envelope and counted the money. I really didn't want this money actually. I didn't want to accept payment for taking care of my mother. That was from my heart with love and respect. But I was very happy that I was going to have my own business for the first time in my life and I was also going to have a whole new life. I finished counting the money and I told my mother that there is only, $18,000.00 here. My mother said yes. I told her where is the rest of the money. She told that was it. I asked her, What do you mean that´s it? You know how much I needed to start the business. My mother said that because my brother was taking her away from the house, she needed money to live until her house is sold. I said, You mean that you´re going to give me the rest of the money when the house is sold? She said, No. What do you mean, no. I need $30.000.00 to start this business. You told me that was the amount you wanted to give me and I planned based on what you said the amount would be. I planned this for a year and a half. You never told me that you were not going to give me the full amount. Had you told me I would have thought about something else without a problem. I don't even care about the money, but you insisted and so I made the arrangements based on that. Everything I planned for a year and a half is in motion and ready to be conducted. My friend Lawrence is waiting for the rent money for the store to give to his landlord. The landlord is giving me a five year contract because I paying for a year up front. I immediately developed uncontrollable anger and rage. At the same time, I was thinking of my brother and sisters involvement in this outcome. I lashed out, "What the are you doing? You´re screwing everything up. My mother told me that I should be happy with the money I received. How am I going to be happy? I said, You know what this means? It means the end of my music career! My mother replied, Good, Maybe you´ll get a decent job. A decent job at 47 years old. Are you fucking serious. Do you know of all the people that are waiting for me to enter my business? I had scheduled, musicians, music stores, and the sound proofing company. Everyone is waiting to help me start my new business. What am I supposed to do with $18,000.00. I can´t open my business with this. She told me to take it and be happy, and find a real job. Again in uncontrollable confused anger I said, This is fucking ridiculous". I packed my bag and left to Lawrence´s apartment..

In a flash, I thought about Freedom Williams and how he was trying to help me. I thought about Chris Ross and how he was going to help me. I thought about Juan Colon and how he was set up great connections to provide me with business clients. I thought about my position between Freedom and Eddy Rivera, and how it was the first time in my life that I was in the middle of a great situation. I knew that receiving only $18,000.00 was more of a curse. The end of it all, forever. I was about to become homeless with $18,000.00. This money was not going to last very long in New York without a business. The money would be eventually gone and I would become homeless without money.

The Attorney Statement

I arrived to Lawrence and told him the story and the bad outcome of it all. After spending such a long time planning this business and hyping all the people to help achieve it, I needed to think about what I was going to do now. I was fucked! The more I thought about trying to cut corners from the business, the more I knew that there was no way could I start this recording studio. I kept on thinking about cutting corners, but it wouldn´t work. I was furious, confused, disappointed, alone, and I was scared. I had no place to go. At Lawrence's place, I began looking in the newspaper for a temporary place to live, but nothing was available. Anything that was available was also very expensive. I checked out the available all hotels, but they were all drug dealer and prostitute infested. I was staying at Lawrence´s apartment for a week, but I was definitely homeless. I think I´m the only homeless man with $18,000.00.

I tried to stay in good spirits. Lawrence was wonderful in providing full support with love, concern and friendship. He also made me feel very welcome. Lawrence told me that he was going to Connecticut to visit his folks and that I can have his pad by myself for a week. I became good friends with his roommate. He loved music and wanted me to help him perform. He took me around the Village every night and I had a great time. Except, I was spending money quickly eating out all the time. It not easy when you don't have anywhere to go or any plan to follow! Lawrence had two roommates living with him, and so there was no available space for me to move-in.

After the week was up, Lawrence returned and I gave him back the key to the apartment. I had to leave his place and with no where to go, I headed back to Brooklyn to see if my mother and brother were gone, and if I could either get into, if they didn't change the locks, or somehow try to break into the house. I desperately needed some where to sleep and think. I arrived about one in the morning and West 7th Street and all was quiet and dark. I still had the key to the house. I hoped they didn't change the locks. As I quietly walked up to the house, I could see the refrigerator with its door removed, and a mattress sitting out in front of the house waiting for garbage removal. I quietly walked up to the door and entered the key into the lock. It worked. They didn´t change the lock. I opened the door and noticed that the electricity was turned completely off and the phone had been disconnected. I grabbed the mattress from outside the house, brought it inside, and went to sleep. Thank God they didn´t change the lock. Now that I´m in, I have a place to think for awhile and hopefully regroup my thoughts and try to make a plan for the future. I'm so sad. Thank God I can sleep!

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