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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 23 - To Vail

Main Street Vail Colorado

Chapter 23 - To Vail

We were finally out of New York, and we were now traveling through Pennsylvania. Between Ritchie and I, we had about $170.00. I told Ritchie that if we include the cost of food, we were not going to make it there with very much money. Ritchie said that the food should not cost much, because he knew how to scam the restaurants off the highway. I asked how? He said that all you had to do was eat what you wanted and then they will give you the bill. We sit down and eat, and after we finish, you get up and go to the bathroom while I wait at the table. When you come out of the bathroom you just walk out. It´s that simple! Then I do the same thing. If we leave the girl a tip then no one will ever know that we did not pay the tab. It´s that simple. Then I told Ritchie that I was hungry...let´s try it. So the first restaurant we came to we tried it, and it worked without a hitch. We went into the restaurant and ordered our meal. After the meal I went into the bathroom and then exited the restaurant and waited for Ritchie outside. Ritchie left a tip for the waitress and then went to the bathroom. He then exited the restaurant and we were on our way. Right on!

Ritchie and I had never been west of Pennsylvania. This would all be new from here on end. We traveled through Columbus, Ohio and then St. Louis. We stopped at the famous Arch in St. Louis. We wanted to go into the Arch, but instead we hung around underneath it, and then we just kept marching on. We past Indiana and then Kansas City. Then we finally crossed into Colorado. It seemed that driving on the plains of Colorado took forever and finally the Rocky Mountains began to draw near into view. It wasn´t until we got very close to Denver that we actually got a good view of the mountains, and boy were they beautiful. We had never seen anything like that. We then proceeded on Interstate 70 West, and the incredible views became better and better. It was so breath-taking that we had to stop at times to enjoy the scenery while we had daylight.

We finally arrived in Vail, Colorado around 8.00PM. There were a few exits into Vail, and we had accidentally past the main one, so we had to turn around to head back. It was extremely cold. About five below zero. We had noticed and abandoned Van/truck without tires sitting vacant in the middle of the island that separates the highway. I told Ritchie that if we can´t find this guy we could always sleep in that van. Ritchie said, No way. Let's find this guy. I hope your ex girlfriend Barbara doesn´t hook you up with this guy like she hooked you up with Raymond, Ritchie said with a smirk on his face. I liked his sense of sarcastic humor. As we drove on the main road in Vail, it was not difficult to spot the only bar which was on the main street. I told Ritchie that so far, Barbara is right.

Ritchie and I walked into the bar and everyone looked at us as if to say, What the fuck do you hippies want. I guess they were not happy seeing long-hair freaks. The bartender quickly asked us what we wanted. I asked the bartender if he knew Jake Jacobson. This big guy sitting on the bar stool next to where I was standing said, I´m Jake´s best friend. I turned to him and said, Great, We are friends of Jake from New York. The guy went nuts and spoke in a very loud voice and yelled, Any friends of Jake Jacobson are a friend of mine. Then he psychically grabbed and hugged me. Everyone smiled and said yea giving us thumbs-up signs. Then the guy introduced himself to Ritchie and I and then bought us a drink. Everyone in the bar came over to us and shook our hands. Ritchie and I were stunned, happy, and smiling. It appears we hit the right chord and that this guy Jake, was a much respected and loved person in town. The guy then reiterated that to us as he also explained that Jake had to be up early in the morning at 4:30am to head up the mountain to start packing snow. He told Ritchie and I that he was sleeping at the moment. Then the guy asked us if we were hungry. I told him very much so. The guy then told us that he was going to take us to dinner. I explained to this guy that Ritchie and I were low on money. The guy said, "Don´t worry about money. Any friend of Jake is a friend of mine. The guy then demanded that he take us to dinner.

We arrived at this high class restaurant in Vail and the guy proceeded to buy us a bottle of champagne to celebrate our arrival. Ritchie and I were so trilled that everything was going so great. We sipped some champagne and the guy started to tell us about how he met Jake. The guy then ordered us steaks and we had a complete dinner. I told the guy that this must be very expensive and that Ritchie and I were very thankful for his hospitality. The guy said, No problem, any friends of Jake is a friend of mine. Jake is my best friend. He then asked us if we were staying anywhere and we told him we were not. He told us that we could sleep at his place. We proceeded to his apartment where he rolled a joint and we all got high. After talking and laughing we went to sleep. Ritchie and I slept on the floor. We were awakened at about 5:00am. The guy rushed us because he was late for work. He also had to go up the mountain to pack the snow. We finally arrived at the gondola. Ritchie and I were half asleep. The guy told us to wait here at the entrance of the gondola. He said that Jake would be here shortly, and if he is already on top, I´ll send him down. We didn´t want to tell the guy that we didn´t know what Jake looked like so we just went along with everything. Ritchie and I freezing waited at the gondola. Many worker/skiers were entering with all their gear and they were all wearing ski masks. Ritchie asked, What are we going to do now? I replied that we had no other choice. but to wait it out. Ritchie reiterated that he was freezing and that we could be waiting along time. We had no choice. We waited about an hour and we were extremely cold when suddenly, a guy came up to us and told us to pick up the phone. I put the phone to my ear and it was the guy. The guy asked if we had seen Jake. I told him that there were so many people that were wearing ski masks that we could not tell. The guy answered that Jake was with him and that he would be coming back down with Jake.

I conveyed to Ritchie that they were coming down. A half hour later, Ritchie and I still freezing, waited patiently as Jake and the guy came down on the gondola. The guy came over to me and said this is Jake. I shook Jake´s hand and said, Hi Jake, My name is Chuck and this is Ritchie and we are friends of Barbara from New York. Jake replied while thinking and looking a little confused, Barbara. I said, Yes, She told us to come see you. She told us that you could hook us up with a place to stay until she arrived which will be in about two weeks. Jake still looking confused said, I don´t know any Barbara. The guy standing next to Jake also looked very confused. I said, You don´t know Barbara? Jake replied, No. Are you Jake Jacobson? I asked. He said, Yes. I started sweating. Ritchie was stunned. The guy was freaking out showing a little anger. I said, That Barbara asked us to come to Vail and look-up a friend of hers named Jake Jacobson. Then Jake suddenly remembered that there was another Jake Jacobson, and he said, Oh...yes..... You probably are looking for the other Jake Jacobson. He no longer works here. He got fired and I think he is living somewhere in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We, in total shock and scared out of our minds, looked at the guy, and his faced was burning in fire. He definitely wanted to kill us. The vibes alone scared Ritchie and I out of our minds. We didn´t know what to say except I apologized to the guy. Thank God that Jake knew the other Jake or we would have been in deep shit. Then I told Jake that his friend treated us like gold, spent a lot of money on us, we feel very sorry, and I am lost for words. Jake was very nice about it. I could tell that he was European and that means he was very laid back. Jake said, You guys should go on your way..... I´ll speak to my friend here who wants to kill you. Ritchie and I were stunned and we proceeded to walk very depressed to the car. I told Ritchie, Did you see the guys face? Ritchie replied, Let´s get the fuck out of here quickly.

Ritchie and I freezing and broke with no breakfast and very little money had to think fast, because of the cold. I said to Ritchie, I guess it´s the abandoned Van. Ritchie replied, I´m not in the mood for that. I noticed that Ritchie was losing it and I replied in a positive aggressive attitude, Let´s go check it out. It´s only about a half mile away. Ritchie depressed and struggling to tag along was willing to check it out. We left the car where it was and proceeded to walk on the service road toward the van. We were still freezing and hoping that we could be somewhat warm in the van. We got about a quarter of a mile from the van when a small van stopped next to us. A guy in the van with long hair was making a sign to us to open the passenger side door. I opened the door and the guy said, Hey, you guys need a ride...its cold out there. We said OK and we climbed into the Van. The guy was very nice and friendly and said, Where are you guys going. I replied, To that abandoned Van in the middle of the road. The guy asked what we were going to do there. We told him that we were thinking of sleeping there. The guy said, What. I told him that we were stranded and that we were going to check the van out to see if we could live in it. The guy replied, You guys crazy? Then we told him the story as he stopped along side the road adjacent to the van. The guy started to laugh and asked us if we wanted to come to his house for coffee and breakfast. We said, Yes, most definitely! Then we started to inquire about the guy and he introduced himself as Jonathan. He told us that he was a musician and was playing in a band which was playing in Vail. I told him that I was a musician from New York. We all got excited and yelled, All right! He told us that he lived with the band in a house that the club provided. He said that the band members were sleeping and would awake in a few hours. Great.

We arrived at this beautiful chalet that the club had provided to them. Jonathan made us breakfast and hot coffee and Ritchie and I started to warm up again, and boy did it feel good. Jonathan and I started talking music and we were hitting it off just fine. After awhile the band members started waking up one by one. The first to arise was the drummer Denny. He was tall and slim with long brown hair. He was introduced to Ritchie and I and he seemed very spiritual. He reminded me as a Jesus type. He spoke in a very quiet voice and I could feel his spiritual ability. The second to awake shortly thereafter was the other guitarist Nathan. Nathan was a handsome guy who was also soft spoken and everyone was real nice and friendly. We again all started talking about music as Ritchie watched on. Then the band members said, Let´s Jam. I told them that we had a car in town with our clothes and my guitar and I asked them if they would drive us to get the car. They did. We went into the basement of the chalet and jammed. They could not believe how good I was on the guitar. We jammed for about two hours and Ritchie walked in with the silk shirts from the car, and the band members went nuts over the shirts. They asked if they could wear some of the shirts tonight during the gig, and I said, Sure! Then the band members had a short conference and returned to Ritchie and I while we were waiting in the kitchen. They asked if Ritchie and I wanted to be their road manager. They said that they would pay us $10.00 a week plus room and board. Ritchie and I looked at one another in shock and knowing we didn´t have to sleep in the abandoned van quickly said, Yes! The band members said that they wanted me to teach them how to get much tighter and they wanted me to show them how to play together with more soul. I told them no problem. Then it is settled. Welcome to the band, they replied as they shook our hands. They then told us to be free around the house and that we may help ourselves to anything we wanted. You and Ritchie are now apart of our musical family. Then they gave me the keys to their van and told us that we were going to also be their drivers. I then told them that Ritchie had to return the car to Utah so that we could get paid and receive our deposit back. They said no problem. Ritchie then took off in the car to Utah and said that he would fly to Aspen to find a ride back to Vail and meet with us in a few days. Everyone was happy and Ritchie and I were saved. How we can wait for Barbara and Fina to arrive and boy are they going to be shocked at what we had accomplished.

The band and I packed the instruments of the van and I drove into town to the club under their directions. The club was located in a giant basement. The club was very beautifully designed. It had a fairly large dance floor located in front of the stage. I proceeded to set the bands instruments up according to my experience. I put the drummer much more in front then they were used to, and I arranged their amps for a fuller sound with more coverage. Then I told the band to play a few songs so that I may listen to the arrangement of the placement of the instruments. With a little volume adjustments and a request for the necessity for the drummer to play a little harder the band sounded real good. I then told the band that I would place close attention to their performance, and tomorrow I would suggest revamping them. The band said great. They then introduced me to the club owner as their manager. We all then went back to the house to have dinner and freshen up. We were getting ready to head back to the club and the guy put on the silk shirts and loved them.

We arrived back at the club and the band did there first set. I listened patiently. They were pretty good. The club then got packed and a few very cute girls sat down at our table. I was talking to them and they were very nice especially this one girl. The band then did their second set as I kept on talking to the girls. I was hitting it off with this very beautiful Norwegian. She had long beautiful brown hair with a dark brown skin from skiing. We talked about the breakup of the Beatles and she seemed very interested and knowledgeable in music. I then was dying for a cigarette and didn´t have a dime on me. While I was talking with her I mentioned that I wished I had a cigarette and I quickly looked around to see if any one was smoking. I finally saw a man smoking and I went to ask him for a cigarette and he gave me one. I went back to the table and the girl whose name was Carol, lit my cigarette. I said, Thank you. Carol asked me what brand I smoked and I told her Marlboro. Carol and I continued to talk and we were having such a great conversation about music. About an hour passed and I was still dying for another cigarette. I love to smoke when I´m having a good conversation. I love smoking. I had noticed on the table that there was an opened pack of Marlboro sitting on the table. While Carol and I talked I kept staring at the cigarettes. I asked Carol if she knew who they belonged to and she said that she had no idea. So I sneaked one out of the pack. After I smoked one I asked Carol if she wanted to dance and she said yes. I was still paying close attention to the band as the band watched me dance with Carol. The band members were getting kind of jealous in a nice way. On their break they said to me, Leave some girls for us. Some other band member jokingly said, You´re picking up all our groupies. The whole night went so beautiful and Carol said that she would see me tomorrow night. No one ever claimed the cigarettes so I took the pack home with me.

I had made some mental notes on the bands performance. I had packed up their instruments and put them in the van. We left most of the drums and amps behind. The next afternoon the band and I returned to the club to practice and work out on some of their bugs. I also suggested some new songs and we rehearsed them. I kept thinking about the beautiful Norwegian girl Carol. I couldn´t wait to see her again. The next night the band had met some girls and we all threw a party at the house after the gig. Carol and I lit a nice fire in the fireplace and sat around the fire talking. The Carol asked me to go sit on the staircase leading down to the basement. We went to the staircase, Carol and I started making-out, after a few moments, Carol unzipped my pants to give me a blowjob. It was beautiful.

The next day Ritchie had returned and once again became apart of the musical family. It was good to see him back and he was very happy. He had returned the car and received the deposit and $100.00 for delivering the car and then hopped on a plane in Salt Lake City to Aspen. Then he took a bus to Vail. That night at the club I had introduced Carol to Ritchie and they got along just fine. Carol introduced one of her friends to Ritchie. After the gig Carol invited me to her house to sleep where we made sex. I basically slept with Carol every night as we had both fell in love with one another very much. We all wanted to have a party at the house for Ritchie´s return and Carol had asked if I wanted to buy some wine for the party. I told Carol that I was broke and she said that she would purchase the wine if I wanted. I said OK. Carol and I went to the liquor store and I told her lets get some Liebfraumilch. She said OK. I grabbed two bottles and Carol said get the whole case. I said, Are you crazy," and she said "No, get the whole case." I said, "Are you sure?" and she replied, "Yes, get the case." So I grabbed the whole case and the guy asked me for my ID. I opened my wallet and noticed a $20.00 bill folded into one of the wallet pockets. I said what the fuck is this? I pulled out the twenty and there were two of them in there. I immediately said to Carol, Did you put this in my wallet? Carol replied that she didn´t and had no idea about it. I then said that maybe one of the band members might have put it there to hold it for them. I was totally confused. I showed the guy my ID and Carol paid for the case. I thanked Carol and told her that the band is going to be real surprised. Carol and I then went back to her house and then we went to the club. I had asked all the band members if anyone had put some money in my wallet to hold for them. Every member of the band said no and I got real confused. I was wondering who had done this. I asked Carol again, Are you sure you didn´t put this money in my wallet? Carol replied that she didn´t know anything about it, and that she guaranteed me that she did not put it there. I told Carol that since no one had claimed it I was going to take her out to dinner tomorrow night, Sunday, the bands day off.

I took her out to dinner at this wonderful restaurant that had a beautiful view of the stars. We had a wonderful time eating the terrific food and talking love. We stayed at the restaurant all night and we had a beautiful loving walk home. She told me that she wanted to take me skiing the next day. I told her that I was afraid, but she assured me that I would enjoy it. We arrived at the bands chalet and Denny the drummer was there with a girl, and Carol invited them skiing tomorrow.

Denny and I rented skis and we were off to the chair lift. We were both very frightened, but we were escorted by our girls. The ski´s felt very weird on our feet. Denny first entered and sat down on the chair lift. Carol and I sat directly behind. We were heading to the top and I asked Carol, What do I do when we reach the top? Carol said that all I had to do was keep my ski´s pointed straight and when I got off the chair I would be heading down a small hill, and all I had to do was keep the ski´s pointed straight. I said, How do I stop? She said that the hill will then go up and I will automatically slow down and stop. She said there was nothing to it. Then Denny turned around on the chair lift and wave as he was about to get of. Our chair was slowly getting closer and closer to the top and as we started to slide off, Denny was on the floor in my path and I hit him and tumbled right on top of him. Denny and I started laughing as they stop the chair lift so they could clear the way.

After Denny and I got out of the way, Carol directed us to the first hill. She told me again if I keep my ski´s straight I will automatically slowdown and stop. I told her I was afraid. She said you´re a downhill racer go for it. With that I started down this long deep hill and I was going faster and faster. I almost started to panic when I started heading up hill and then I slowed down and stop. Carol skied next to me and I told her it was great, I love it. Then Carol said that she was going to go on and ski to the bottom and asked me to follow her as she suddenly took off. I started to follow her and noticed all the inexperienced skiers were on a path that traversed the mountain. I decided to follow them and I was glad I did. I spent the rest of the day skiing down this path over and over again by myself just following other people. I had a wonderful time and met Carol at the end of the day. Then Carol went to her house and I went to the chalet to fresh-up. I was at the house with the band and someone asked me for something that was in my wallet. When I opened my wallet I noticed another forty dollars in two twenty dollar bills. I said to the band, This is nuts. Who´s doing this? The band replied that the only one who could be doing this is Carol. That night I pressured Carol and she confessed it was her. I knew it I said. I told Carol not to do it again. I didn´t want to take her money. Carol told me that I would have never taken her out to dinner if it wasn´t for the money. I told her nevertheless, don´t do it again. I asked her if she was the one who put an open pack of Marlboro´s on the table every night and she also confessed yes. I then gave Carol a big kiss and told her how much I loved her. She always thought of me. What a girl.

The band was now getting real tight and they loved Ritchie and I very much. Then the band told Ritchie and I that they had a house in Boulder. Ritchie and I in shock said, Boulder? They said, Yes.....Well it´s not really in the town of Boulder... It is a little north east. It is still Boulder. I told the band that that was where we were trying to end up. We were supposed to meet two girls here in Vail and then we were going to Boulder. The band said, Well, I guess you guys made it. You´re going to love our big house. I looked at Ritchie and said, Holly shit. Barbara and Fina are going to find when they arrive that they are already welcome to a house in Boulder. Ritchie said, How lucky can we get. The band said that they had two weeks left in Vail and it was back to Boulder.

I was sleeping with Carol one night and she dropped a little bombshell. She told me that she had never been loved like I loved her. She told me that she was from Minneapolis, Minnesota and that she had a boyfriend back home. She told me that she was supposed to marry him when she got back, but now she couldn´t, because she met me. She told me that her boyfriend could never love her like I did, and that I made her feel very wanted and extraordinary. She also said that I make her very happy. I asked her if she loved him and she replied that she didn´t. It was arranged by the family. She told me that she loved me beyond thoughts. Then Carol made passionate love to me. I didn´t know at the time, how to react to her story. All I knew was that I loved her very much.

The next day I had told Carol that the band was finishing the Vail gig and we were all going to Boulder. I asked her what will happen with us being separated. Carol told me that she was working for Vail Associates for four more weeks and that she was going to decide what to do. She told me not to worry that she was deeply in love with me and wanted to continue our relationship. She had a difficult job ahead of her handling her mother, and as she called it, her ex boyfriend. She asked me to stand by her, and that I remain the same.

The band finished performing in Vail and I told Carol that I would call her as soon as I got settled in the new home. The band and I arrived in Boulder and the house was beautiful. It was surrounded by open land as far as one can see. It was intensely peaceful, and the interior was slightly decorated in a marvelous manner. Ritchie and I were trilled beyond belief. We had our own bedroom. The bass player George lived in the basement where he had a large Buddha set up for praying. Barbara and Fina had never showed up in Vail. Ritchie and I were very concerned what had happened to them. We were very thankful that we had the band, because if we had waited for Barbara and Fina to arrive at Jake´s place, we would have still been there waiting. The band then took Ritchie and I to meet some of their friends in the town of Boulder.

We were heading to downtown Boulder via Broadway. As we were heading down Broadway there was a banner high above the road that said, Welcome to Boulder. The view of Boulder, where the banner was located, was colossal. You could see almost all of Boulder. Boulder was located right on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We arrived at the City Park, right in the heart of downtown Boulder. There were hundreds of people hanging out and a lot of young sexy hippie girls. It seemed that everyone was high on pot. Everyone was happy, friendly and smiling. Girls were coming up to us and asking if we could provide them with a place to stay. I said to the band and Ritchie that we must be in heaven. Everyone was inviting us to smoke a joint. There was and old train on display in the park, and people were playing guitars and dancing. I had never experienced anything like this. Then after a long while, the band took us to visit the University Hill area, which was located next to the University of Colorado in Boulder. I could see in the distance that it was a fairly large campus. The hill area was a wonderful hangout place also. Beautiful girls everywhere were waiting to be picked up. It was incredible. Ritchie and I could not believe how many girls there were. After walking around a bit, the band took us to their friend´s house.

We arrived at the house and we were immediately handed a joint on the first hello. The people of the house were very friendly and after awhile Ritchie, Denny, and I were indisputably stoned. We stayed at the band´s friend´s house for about an hour and we went to walk back to the hill area again. When you walk on the hill, the mountains are right there shooting up at you, right in the face. What a feeling. Ritchie and I were walking on the hill looking in the shop windows when we suddenly by surprise, ran into Barbara and Fina. They were with two guys. Holly shit, I said. What the fuck are you guys doing here? Barbara said that they had come to Boulder and met these two guys and decided to stay with them. I could not believe what she said casually. I got very pissed at her response and replied, That´s a selfish fucking answer. What about Ritchie and I. We were supposed to be waiting for you in Vail at Jake´s place and you both are fucking here having a selfish fucking time. Barbara didn´t like that, and she and Fina walked away without concern. I turned to Ritchie and said, I don´t believe this shit. Ritchie said, Fuck them, one day they will come to us, and then we will treat them like they treated us. You wait and see. Fuck them. We don´t need them anyway. Boy, I was so fucking pissed.

We reunited with the band members and went back to our home. We all made dinner and had a sensational meal. The next day, the band had introduced me to their manager/agent who came to the house during our rehearsal. The manager thanked me for improving the band immensely. The manager liked Ritchie and I very much, and he welcomed the idea of the band having us as road managers. The manager said that he would communicate with me directly from now on instead of a member of the band. I was to relay everything to the band which would make the managers job much more easily. The band would be playing a gig in Denver this weekend at a two very nice clubs. One on Friday and one on Saturday. I had called Carol to say hello and asked her how she was doing. She told me that she loved me very much and that she was doing just fine. We talked for awhile and I told her that the band had a gig on the weekend. The weekend gigs went off very good. The clubs were very happy with the quality of the band.

After the weekend, I had set-up a whole list of new songs for the band to rehearse. We spent the whole week rehearsing and we had just one gig on Friday night. During the week Ritchie and I took the van to Boulder where we met a lot of new friends. We wanted to buy some pot to take back with us to the house, and a friend introduced us to these guys that lived on 19th Street. The guys were Harlan, a short Jewish guy with long black hair and who was very quick in the mind; Seed who was a drummer with brown shoulder length hair, and John who had blond shoulder length hair and fooled around on the bass. They had plenty of pot on hand for sale. An ounce sold for $10.00 and a kilo for $125.00. They were listening to some great music that I had not been introduced to, the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Inventions ˜Uncle Meat´ album. We all sat around listening to the ˜Uncle Meat´ album very stoned. We hung around these guys for about two hours and we all became good friends. Ritchie and I relayed the story to them on how we arrived in Boulder. Seed, Harlan and John knew Barbara and Fina. They had a nice three small bedroom house, and they were only paying $135.00 a month rent. They took us down to the basement where they had these special bricks that came out of the wall which housed their pot. If the cops ever came they would never be able to locate it. Harlan had a nice little room in the back of the house which was like a little house. He had a couch in this little bedroom and his own set of speakers. The music sounds great in his bedroom because of the closed-in walls. The room had a special sound. After awhile, Ritchie and I grabbed an ounce of pot and went back to the bands house. Ritchie and I loved all the action that was happening in Boulder. We had hoped to live there someday in the heart of it. However, we were very happy living with, and road managing the band.

We went back to the house and the band had some girls hanging about, Ritchie and I brought out the pot, and we all got stoned. The bands gig got canceled on Saturday night. I thought that I would take this opportunity to surprise my girlfriend Carol. On Saturday afternoon I decided to hitch hike to Vail. I had never hitched before in my life, but I was willing to try it, because I was so much in love with Carol. It took me hours to get to Vail. I arrived in Vail around 1:00am. I opened the front door of the house which was never locked and everything was quiet. I walked over to the bedroom door and opened it. Carol´s bed was right next to the door. As I opened the door, I could see her beautiful face, and I thought how lucky I was to have such a beautiful girl. I bent over her and put my lips against hers. She felt it, and her lips responded before opening her eyes. Once she opened her eyes she was wonderfully happy, and surprised to see me. She threw her arms around me and kissed me very deeply. Then I crawled into bed with her and we made love. We spent all of Sunday together. There was a brilliant, highly visible comet in the sky. I did know the name of it or what it was called, but the comet had a very long streaking tail. Carol and I, in each others arms, watched it for hours.

Carol had told me that she talked with her mother, and told her that she was very much in love with me. Her mother did not respond to that very favorable. They had talked about her boyfriend back home and that he was waiting for her to return. Carol told her mother to tell him that she loved me and that I was her new boyfriend now. Her mother still didn´t approve. She also told me that she had applied for a teacher´s job, and her mother told her that she received a list in the mail of available openings. Carol told me that there were two openings in Colorado. One in Arvada which she hoped to accept. Carol told me that she wanted me to go back to Minnesota with her to get her car and come back to Arvada, Colorado. Then we will get a place together and build a life with one another. I told Carol that I was broke, and that I would feel really stupid going to meet your parents looking very poor. I wouldn´t feel right. Carol told me not to worry. On Monday morning, Carol paid for my bus trip back to Boulder.

I arrived back at the house from a wonderful weekend with Carol, and the band continued to have many girls hanging about. I had no interest, because I had, and loved Carol. I had just come out of the shower when Ritchie asked me to come to the front door. He said, You´re not going to believe this. I went to the front door and behold, it was Barbara and Fina who desperately needed a place to stay. They told me that the guys they were staying with had kicked them out. I replied, Oh, you poor little things¦ You selfish bastards neglected Ritchie and I, and gave us bum steer with this Jake Jacobson character. Jake got fired from being an asshole, and because of that, it got us in real trouble with some of the people there. We luckily survived, and we had a wonderful chalet waiting for you. However, you both neglected us, and only thought of yourselves. Get the fuck out of here ... I don´t ever want to see your fucking faces again. I then slammed the door in their face shut. Ritchie said, That´s telling them. I told you!

Then Ritchie and I headed to downtown Boulder to visit Seed and Harlan. We had now become great friends with them. Seed took us to check out the campus at the University of Colorado, CU. We arrived at a fountain area where many people hung out. We sat around the fountain area adjacent to the UMC building. Seed pointed to this nearby campus building which was a cheap and decorative place to have a complete dinner. The dinner begins around six o´clock in the evening. We then walked around the Hill and peeked into the record store where the last Beatle album was available. Seed bought a copy. After all the rumors, The Beatles unforgettably broke up. It was a sad day in music history from a group who literally changed the world with the use of their music. As far as I was concerned, this was the final death of a great musical era.

I knew that when I left New York the music scene was dying there and the clubs were closing. President Kennedy got killed. His brother Robert later got killed. Martin Luther king got killed. Malcom X got killed. Janis Joplin was gone. Jimi Hendrex was gone. Otis Redding was gone. Sam & Dave broke up. Stax records were bought out. Many musicians got fuck up on drugs. The war is escalating. The whole beautiful music scene had faded into oblivion as if it never existed, and now the Beatles break-up, put the lid on to the end of an era. Is there a war going on against the whole movement? I think so. I know so. I feel it. I´m scared. However, despite everything, there is one group who is progressing through it all and has captured my attention and musical interest, Chicago Transit Authority. I can not wait for their second album which I heard should be out soon. In the meantime, music is now giving birth to the Teen Idols, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Shawn Cassidy, The Jackson´s, Donnie and Marie Osmond, and Andy Gibb. Most of which have their own TV shows. Very fucking exciting!

Ritchie and I returned to the bands house only to find them fighting between one another. I had instructed all the girls to leave, because we wanted to have a private discussion during rehearsal. I gathered the guys around me and we had a talk. I told them that it was necessary for them to be in harmony with one another. The music scene is dying, and we need every group alive and well to continue the music. The band was very unhappy with their manager who was not booking them too much. I told the band that they had to hold together through the bad times, and that they had a lot of potential to be a really successful band. They needed to concentrate more on writing so that they could possibly get signed. I threw a great deal of positive attitude toward them, and I was able to pull them together. However, keeping them together will be a difficult task if their manager does not get them more gigs so they can become more active.

I had learned that the band received $20.00 a week each from their manager with all expenses paid. Their manager paid for the rent of the house, their van and gasoline, and their food. It was a good deal. They had not to worry about any money expenses. Money left over would go into a fund like a saving account for each individual. Ritchie and I had decided to spend more time around the band, because they were becoming very shaky. We wanted to divert any future arguments between themselves, and instill consistent musical thoughts.

I had telephoned Carol to inform her that we had a gig Friday and Saturday and that I would not be able to see her this weekend. The next day, we learned that the Saturday evening gig got canceled again. I decided not to call Carol back to tell her that I thinking of coming, because I still was not sure I could leave the band alone. I was now afraid to leave the band, because they were not getting enough gigs and it was causing disagreements amongst them. I wanted to be around to keep the atmosphere positive. We played on Friday night and the gig went just fine. The band was again happy, but I needed them to stay that way without a gig on Saturday. On Saturday the band decided to go out with their girls, and I asked Denny the drummer who I loved so much spiritually, if I could leave to visit Carol in Vail. Denny said, Yes. Go ahead and don´t worry about the band.

It was five o´clock in the evening and there was not too much traffic on the road. I did not get to the Interstate 70 West until 8:00 in the evening. I was standing on the highway in the dark for about an hour. It was freezing. All I could think about was surprising Carol again like I did the last time. I just couldn´t wait to see her again and make love to her. I finally was picked up for a ride, but the guy was not going very far. He dropped me off one exit before Idaho Springs. I was standing on the highway again for about an hour. It was pitch black and I could see a long distance of the highway in both directions if an automobile light was in the distance, but there was none. For some reason, there were no people traveling. I looked up to the stars and again, saw the gigantic comet sitting in the sky. I kept staring at the comet in awe, and wondered if it was a good idea to go see Carol. I thought that God was preventing me, in some way, not to go. There was absolutely no traffic at all in either direction. Another hour had gone by, but only a few cars had past. It was now 10pm, and I was freezing beyond description. I have been standing on the highway now for two hours in the same spot. Just the comet and I. I again looked up at the comet and I suddenly received a flashback.

I saw Carol with another man. Maybe it´s the standing out in the cold in the darkness that is playing with my mind. I thought that maybe I should head back. I then said to myself that if a car comes the other way, I will cross the road to the other side, and try to hitch-hike back. Then I seen lights coming from the other direction, and I quickly crossed the road and put my thumb out. They didn´t stop. I waited this side of the road now for another ten minutes, at which time I was getting the same flashbacks. I actually began believing the flash-backs. I´m definitely heading back!¦. I don´t want to walk in on Carol and find her with someone else. Then I thought, Hey, she loves me. She told me that she had never been in love like this before. How could she risk losing that? I´m just freezing and not thinking clearly. Then I thought, Maybe she is with someone else.... it really doesn´t matter if I never know, but if I walk in on them then it would all be over..... Do I want to risk that? No I don´t I´m going to head back that is it!

The I seen car lights heading west drawing near, I ran across the road, not thinking clearly, put my thumb out, and the car unanticipated, pulled over. I walked to the car in a slight daze, and it was a cop car. The cop told me to get in and asked me for my ID. As I was getting my wallet he said, Do you know that it´s illegal to hitch in Colorado. I replied, No, I did not know. The cop performed a background check while I told him about Carol in Vail, and how much I wanted to be with her. The cop replied, Instead of arresting you, I´m going to take you to the bus depot. He asked if I had some money for the bus. I told him that I had only six dollars. When we got to the bus depot at the off-the-highway restaurant, the cop went inside and bought me a ticket. He warned me not to hitch. I thanked him as he left. Now that he paid for my ticket, I had to wait two and a half hours for the bus.

The bus was arriving at 1:30am, which means that I won´t arrive in Vail until 3:00 in the morning. I warmed up again, and then I returned outside. I was very bored at waiting inside the restaurant. I looked up at the comet and my mind continued to have flashbacks of Carol being with someone. No matter how much I tried to not think of it, I could not stop the flashbacks from imaging through my mind. I had to wait two more hours for the bus, and I had to deal with two hours of random flashbacks. The more I tried to stop thinking the more I was thinking. After awhile, I started to get confused, thinking both ways, positive and negative¦. Going back and forth.

The bus finally arrived and I was off to Vail for better or for worse. If it wasn´t meant to be then I would not be on the bus going there. I tried to head back, but I couldn´t find a ride back. I told myself not to worry. Everything is going to be all right. I´m heading to see my girl.

I arrived in Vail at 3:15 in the morning. I walked up to the door, opened it, and entered the apartment. I was a little apprehensive. I opened her bedroom door very slowly. I peeked down at her bed and the bed was empty. The sheets were made and undisturbed. I could not see throughout the room because of the darkness. I didn´t want to wake her roommates who she shared the room with. I closed the door and said to myself, That´s weird. I wonder where she is? Then I walked in the living room and I saw some unknown guy sleeping solo on the couch. I walked over to him and shook him, but he refused to be awakened.

I then noticed that the girls who lived on the lower level were still up. I heard Carol´s friends talking. Maybe there was a party downstairs. Maybe she´s there. I went down to her friends and walked into the room. Everyone yelled,Chuck, it´s so good to see you! They were a little drunk. I told them that I arrived to surprise Carol, but she wasn´t in her bed. That´s funny, she said, I´m sure she is up there. Come have a drink with us. They then leaded me into the living room, and poured me a drink. I asked them if they were certain that Carol was upstairs. They said, Yes, she has to be. She said goodnight to us. I was confused, and told them that I will try to look again. The funny girls asked me to come back down.

I went back up to her bedroom and opened the door to let more light in so I could see deeper into the room. Especially the bed next to hers. To my surprise, there was no one in either bed. I thought, This is nuts? Then I became very energetically determined to find her. I went back to the guy who was sleeping on the couch. I grabbed him hard like an animal and shook his brains out. Wake up man¦ Wake up! I asked him, Where´s Carol? He mumbled that she was in the bedroom. I said fuck this; I opened the bedroom door and turned on the light. Carol was sleeping in the corner top bunk bed with her arms around a guy. I froze. I couldn´t believe it. She had her head on his chest, her arms around him, and his arms around her. She had a large peaceful smile on her face. I became integrally devastated.

I immediately closed the door. I didn´t wake them up and I wanted to get my thoughts together. The first thing that came into mind was to leave and forget I was ever there. How was I to forget what I´d just witnessed. I could never forget and I began to cry. Then I thought, Maybe I should go throw the two fucking guys out of the house to show my manhood, but still, how could I ever forget what I saw. I could never forget. I had no money and didn´t know what to do.

Helplessly, I put myself back together, and went downstairs to her girlfriends. When I walked in they asked if I found Carol. I told them, Yes, in bed with another guy. The girls were shocked and sorry, and quickly began pampering me in tears. I began crying again very distraught. They said that Carol and I were so wonderful and perfect together. I couldn´t stop crying from all their pity. After we all cried for about an hour, I asked one of the girls if she could lend me the bus fare so that I could go back home in the morning. They said sure and gave me the money. They told me not to worry that everything was going to be all right. I told them that it was over. The sight I saw would never leave my mind. Seeing my girl happy with her arms around another man. No way .. It was over. We cried for another hour until we were pooped from crying, and we all fell asleep.

I woke up early to catch the 7:00am bus. I had left the girls who were sleeping except for one. She came over to me when I opened the door, gave me a big kiss, and told me that she loved me very much. I walked out the door into the cold and proceeded to the bus station. I had enough for a coffee and waited for the bus to arrive. I was there for about fifteen minutes when Carol walked in, in tears.

I was cried out, and she was in tears saying that she was very sorry. I told her it was OK, but that it was over with us. I explained that I could not ever forget what I had seen. I told her that when I opened the door she had her arms around the guy with a soft, peaceful smile on her face. Then she said that she didn´t have sex with him. I said, You expect me to believe that? She said nothing, and I began crying very deeply. Then the bus was loading, and I told her I was returning home. She begged me not to leave. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, and told her, Now you won´t need to make a decision between me and your Minnesota boyfriend. I entered the bus and sat in my assigned seat. Carol was in a daze with tears. As the bus departed, I could see her there hopelessly lost in her tears.

There was a cute girl with big tits sitting next to me who watched Carol and I crying. She asked me if I was OK, and what had happened. I told her the story on the ride to Denver, and she became very sad for me. Her name was Nancy. She was a very nice and warm person. She liked me and tried to change the mood by talking to me and making jokes. It had a slight effect, but Nancy kept at it. She then asked me where I was going, and I told her Boulder. She asked how I was getting to Boulder. I told her that I had called one of the band members, specifically Denny, told him what had happened, and asked if he would pick me up. Denny asked, Why me. I told him that I needed some spiritual comfort, and that he was the only person I knew who could provide it. Denny said that he would try, but that I was putting him on the spot. He said he wasn´t a guru, but he agreed to pick me up. Nancy said that she was also going to Boulder, and asked if she could tag along. I said sure.

We arrived in Denver, I asked Nancy to wait for a moment while I speak with Denny alone for a minute. Nancy understood. I told Denny the story quickly and Denny replied, It sound like to me that you created the situation. I said, How did I create it? He said that you were thinking that she was with another guy, and when you arrived there, she was. Therefore you created it. I said to him, Well, thanks a lot¦ you´re a big fucking help. That´s the most stupid thing I ever heard in my life. I created it. What am I God or something? I told him to just take Nancy and I home. I told Nancy to get in the van and we headed out to Boulder. As we were heading back I began to realize that Denny wasn´t spiritual after all. He just appeared that way. He doesn´t have it together like I thought. Fuck it! I´m all alone in this thing. I´ll just have to deal with it by myself. No choice. No one can understand and no one could help.

I acted as if I wasn´t upset with Denny´s attitude on the rest of the ride home. Nancy on the other hand, was very cheerful and positive. We stopped in Boulder to let Nancy off and Nancy gave me her number and asked me to come visit her if I ever get over this thing. She told me that she wanted me. She made me feel good again.

We arrived back to the bands house and I told Ritchie what had happened, and he felt also was sad about it. I cried on and off for two days thinking if I only did this ...if I only did that....if I only listened to the flashbacks. I was weak in thought and could not lend a hand to the band. Everyone was hoping for something to pop me out of the situation.

On the third day, I was in bed soaking in my depression. I was thinking, What a beautiful girl she was. She played guitar. She was sexually active all the time with me. She made me feel like a king. The bedroom door suddenly opened, and it was Carol. She came over, laid down next to me, and began to kiss me. She then put my penis in her mouth. After we made passionate love, I began feeling happy again. We then took a shower together, and I automatically forgot everything that happened. It was so wonderful to be with her again that I felt like nothing had ever gone wrong. I was totally normal. The band noticed that I got put right back together. Carol then made lunch for everyone and we all ate. I found a kite in the house, and took it outside to fly it while Carol called he mom. Carol arrived by taxi to the house, and she brought along a lot of food. Time passed by so quickly, and it was time for dinner. Carol served everyone and sat directly next to me. She made me feel like a king by handing me my drink when she thought I was thirsty. She was constantly after me like an Asian woman who served her man. Then Carol picked up one of the guitars that were lying around and began to play and sing. Everyone remained quiet and listened. She melted everyone. I had no idea that she played so well. I was in awe. What a wonderful girl I have. I am really blessed. I was so much happier.

The next day, Carol and I had to figure out a plan. What we were going to do? Carol said that she needed to go home to settle things, with her family and her boyfriend. She then called her mother to tell her that she would fly home tomorrow. After the call Carol asked me to go home with her. She said that she would break off with her boyfriend, get her car, and that we would drive back to Colorado. We would then find a place of our own near Arvada where she accepted the teaching job. I told Carol that I liked her idea, but I didn´t want to go back to Minnesota with her so that she could break up with her boyfriend. I told her that I felt very uncomfortable about meeting her family. I´m broke, with no decent clothes, and I don´t think it would be right that you use my presence to break off with your boyfriend. I think that it would be better if you fly home, break off with your boyfriend, drive back to meet me, and we will start from there. Carol,´ I said, If I cleaned up my looks with a haircut and bought some nice clothes, I would be most happy to face your parents. In this condition, I wouldn´t feel right. I´ll meet your parents at another time when I have money and nice clothes. I´ll get a job, and it will happen. I then asked Carol, Will it bother you to travel back in the car by yourself? She said no. I said well there you have it. Let´s do it that way. My first impression with your parents will be their lasting impression. I want it to be a good impression. Carol agreed.

Ritchie and I drove Carol to the airport and as we waited for the boarding call, we took some photos. Then she had to board the plane. I kissed her and told her how happy I was that she returned to me. She told me that she loved me very much, and that she would return in five days. Carol boarded, and the plane taxied away. Ritchie said, That is a wonderful girlfriend you have.

Three days later, Denny hands me a letter that came in the mail. This is for you, he said. I went into extreme happiness. I knew it was from Carol. She´s probably keeping me up to date on her progress. I opened it and it and noticed that it was a Dear John letter. In the letter was a picture of Carol in her wedding dress. She stated in the letter that she had promised her boyfriend to help put him through law school. She had married him as soon as she got home, but wanted me to know that she will never be loved like I have loved her. I lost her again. I went into deep depression. I should have gone back with her. That was the first thing that I thought. I went into the bedroom to return to my misery. After a few hours, I began to get very pissed, and I drew a mustache on her in the photo, and mailed it back to her. Fuck it.

The band was starting to fall apart. I knew by their actions that it was only a matter of time. The were nit-picking with one another. George the bass player was constantly downstairs in his Buddha set-up chanting, nom yo ho ren kay kyo. He was saying it thousands of times over and over for hours. I told Ritchie that we better had found another place to live, because that was the sign that things are falling apart. I then decided to contact that girl, Nancy. She answered the phone and asked me to come by.

I arrived at Nancy´s house and she had some outrages looking roommates. One was Heide, who was dancing to music as I entered the house. She had a cute little tight body. She was moving her body in a very sexy motion with the music. The other girl was named, Lucy. She had a beautiful body with a perfect set of tits. It was hard directing my attention to Nancy with all these sexy ladies dancing about. Inside my mind they were making me nuts. I stayed for a short while, but before I left, Nancy kissed me very hard while taking my hand and pressing it on her giant tits. I became very excited, and told her that I would see her again. Then I went to visit Harlan and Seed. I told Harlan that I was looking for a place and asked if he knew anyone getting rid of an apartment. Harlan said that he was leaving Boulder to return back home. If I wanted his bedroom, I could have it. I said, Great Then I asked Seed if it was OK, and Seed said fine, go for it. Harlan said I could have it at the end of the month. I asked Seed if the other bedroom was available for Ritchie and he said yes. I told them great.

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