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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 28 - Getting Married

Colorado Mountain Look of Chazz after returning to NY

Chapter 28 - Getting Married

Kitty and I planned a private wedding at a little church at upstate New York. We would get married with a couple of friends of Kitty´s. Then we would travel to Kitty´s home in Pontiac, Michigan so that I could meet her folks, and then we would travel to Colorado to try and start a new life together. I gave Joey Drapes back his accounts and I got married. We had a small get together at my home, and all my sisters and brother were there. Chuck finally got married at 30 years old. We had a typical Italian dinner, and a few presents of money were presented. The money didn´t amount to very much. Kitty and I then packed-up the car to travel to Pontiac, Michigan.

Kitty´s parents were very nice, but very old. I met all of Kitty´s friends and we stayed in Pontiac for ten days. Pontiac is a very bland town. There is absolutely nothing to do there except drink and hang-out with friends. We had also received a few money presents that didn´t amount to much. Anyway, Kitty and I were off to Colorado. It was wonderful to turn her on to the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Once we were in Boulder, Colorado, we went to my friend Sharon´s apartment. Sharon agreed to let us stay there until we got settled. Sharon had set-up a little sleeping area in her basement. Sharon now had a new boyfriend and he was very nice and helpful. Then Kitty and I went to visit my best friend Jim Bergstedt who gave me all the details about the Chef. Jim had told us that the Chef now had a new restaurant in Niwot, Colorado. He also told us that Richie was still working there and living at my old cabin. Kitty loved Jim´s personality. Jim was a very open and funny guy to be around. Jim also felt the same about Kitty. We had made an appointment with Jim for the next day to visit Richie and the Chef.

The next day I had visited the interior decorators in Boulder to see if I could get some work. I had learned that my kind of installation work was not necessary here in Colorado. I visited about four decorators and it all was the same reaction. Then I went to Sharon house to picked-up Kitty and then to Jim´s apartment. We hung out for awhile talking and then we went to visit the Chef´s new restaurant. Everyone at the restaurant was very happy to see me, and they were glad that I had a wife. The Chef asked me if I wanted to work for him as a Souse Chef. Not having a job I accepted. Kitty and I needed an apartment for ourselves. I needed to have a full time job to support my wife. I had figured that if I worked for about three weeks we could get an apartment. I wanted to keep the $3000.00 we had socked away.

It was wonderful seeing everyone again and Kitty was very thrilled with all my friends and Colorado. Kitty and I then opened a joint bank account and we deposited the $3000.00. The next day I had started working for the Chef. The job required me to work from 3:00pm to midnight. It would be long hours, but I told Kitty that it was necessary. It was important that we keep what we had in the bank, and I would work hard with long hours, but in the end we will have everything we need. I was enjoying the work now because I had a wife. In the past, I didn´t like the work. The Chef was treating me like gold. Richie was very funny as usual, and he was like my old friend again. Richie was now dating the Chef´s daughter.

After a couple of weeks, I received a complaint from Sharon´s boyfriend. He said that Kitty was not doing anything around the house. She was not washing the dishes or making the bed that we were sleeping in. He also relayed to me that after I went to work about 2:00pm; Kitty would eat and leave the house without cleaning-up. Then Kitty would come back about 11:00pm and go to sleep. I was shocked, and I had a talk with Kitty.

I asked Kitty what she was doing all day. Kitty said that she would explore Boulder and then hook-up with my friend Jim. Jim would take her around and show her everything. Then Kitty and Jim would hook-up with my other friends. I told Kitty about the complaint. I also told Kitty that I was working these long hours for us. I told Kitty that I would prefer that she would not hang-out with my friends. I wanted her to get involved in something. I wanted her to make use of her environment. Volunteer for something. Don´t just hang-out. I further told Kitty that if she doesn´t do work around the house to help-out, then we are going to piss them off, and they will throw us out. Kitty said that she was very infatuated with Colorado and Boulder. She said that it was the most beautiful place she had ever been. She wanted to explore the area and relax for awhile so that she could adjust to the environment. She told me that my friend Jim was very funny and enjoyable to be with, and that he´s been showing me all the places. She went on to tell me that because I am working long hours she has no one to take her around to see things so she asked my best friend Jim. What was I to say. I wanted her to be happy and I realized that she had no one to be with and Jim was my trusted best friend. I asked Kitty to help around the apartment, and Kitty assured me that she would.

A week had pasted and Sharon asked me to move out of the apartment. Sharon said that Kitty was never around to help-out around the house, and that it was causing conflict with her boyfriend. I was very pissed at Kitty. I told Kitty that she promised me that she would help-out around the house. Kitty replied that she could not hang-out in the house all day waiting for Sharon to start cleaning. She told me that she did clean our room, and that she did clean the dishes, and then she went out to explore. I was faced with a crisis. I didn´t know where we were going to stay and I wanted to avoid staying at Jim´s apartment. I was working full time and it wasn´t easy finding a place to stay in Boulder. I needed time. My only alternative was staying with Jim.

I asked Jim if Kitty and I could stay with him at his apartment. Jim told me that we could have his bedroom and that he would sleep on the couch. I told Jim not to hang-out with Kitty too much. That was the reason we got thrown out at Sharon´s. Jim then answered by saying that the reason we got thrown out is not because of Kitty not doing anything. It was because of Sharon boyfriend. Jim told me to relax and not to worry. Kitty and I then moved into Jim´s apartment, but it would be only for a couple of weeks.

Everything was very good. I had permission from the Chef to take a couple of the slow days off. I was with Kitty for the two days and we had slept in Jim´s bedroom with no problem. I had returned to work and everything was good for a couple of days. I had come home one night and Kitty was nowhere to be found. I was told that they, Jim, and Kitty were at a club with the rest of my friends. I went to the club to meet them and I was greeted by everyone really nicely. However, I was annoyed. That night I had told Kitty that when I got home I would like to find my wife waiting for me. I do not want to come home and have to go searching for everyone. Kitty told me that she and Jim had bumped into my friend Brian and they decided to go out and have something to eat and have a drink. She also said that she left a note where they all were. I had no choice but to accept the explanation. I did not like what was going on and I felt that this marriage was not happening, but I kept it to myself hoping we could get our own place to live. Maybe it would solve this problem. I just kept on working hard to earn money.

Then while I was at work, Richie told me that my wife was fooling around with Jim. At first I thought that Richie was fooling around as he usually does. I said to Richie, on a come back that it sure seems like it, but they are just friends. Richie then repeated it again in a funny way, and then he got serious when he had seen that I wasn´t picking it up. I asked him, Are you sure. Richie said yes. I then told Richie that he better not be fooling around, because what he was telling me was very serious. It´s going to cause problems if he was or wasn´t correct. Richie assured me that he was correct and that he wasn´t playing a game.

I then approached Kitty and asked her if she and Jim were fooling around, and she laughed and said no. I told her that I was told that they were fooling around with each other. Kitty went into a long story of how Jim was just a friend and that she had no feelings for him. I accepted her story for the time being. I then finally approached Jim and asked him the same thing. He gave me a long story of how he liked the personality of Kitty, but they were just friends. Then when I had them both together I asked them both up front if they were fooling around with each other. They both went into a two hour story of how I was paranoid and how I needed to relax. That nothing was going on and I was imagining things. They had made me fell more secure, but I still did not know. I had good sex with Kitty that night.

My wife Kitty and Joey the bass players wifeThe following day, I had told Richie what they had told me and Richie said that they were both full of shit. Richie told me that they were fooling around with one another and that was it, period. When I arrived at home that evening, I invited Jim and Kitty to come and have a drink at, Tico´s, which was directly across the street. I sat Kitty and Jim down and I told them both, Look. Are you guys in love with each other? They both replied no, that I was nuts. I told them that if they were in love with one another, or liked one another, it was OK. I did not mind. Tell me right now, and I´ll let you guys be together. Kitty and Jim assured me again that I was listening to Richie and that it was not true and again, I was imagining everything. I got really pissed off and said to Jim, Look, I know we have to live with you because I we are stuck. We don´t have a place to our own. You are my best friend, but I do not like what´s going on. Therefore, I want you to stay away from my wife! Go about you business and stop interfering with our relationship. Kitty tried to jump in to protect Jim and I got very mad and told her to shut-up. I went on to tell Jim to give me a week and we will get out. I left it at that and I told Kitty that I didn´t want to speak about this anymore. Then we all left Tico´s and arrived home where Kitty and I had it out in the bedroom. I was very pissed that Kitty was trying to defend Jim. Jim was overhearing everything and I had almost punched Kitty in the face.

The next day I had taken Kitty into the car and we drove to a quiet spot. I was extremely pissed-off at Jim. The fucking guy was my best friend and he caused so many problems with my new marriage. He showed total disregard for my marriage and edged my wife on to go out with him every night. My wife was also responsible for edging him on to begin with. However, he did not refuse or care about his best friends feelings. Jim could care less how much pain and agony I was going through. Nor did he ever show any remorse. I told Kitty that I did not like her attitude. I didn´t like the way she had been going out every night with Jim. I didn´t like the way she got us thrown out of Sharon´s house. I told her that this was not a marriage, and she was not acting like a wife. Therefore, in order to save this marriage, we are going to pack-up all our shit and drive back to New York today. Kitty said that she did not want to go back to New York. I told her that we are going back right now. Kitty said that she was not going back to New York. I told her, Look, do you want to save this marriage? She hesitated and said, yes. But I am very confused. I told her, We are not going back to Jim´s apartment, THAT´S IT! I am going back there and you are going to wait in the car and I am going to pack and load everything up. Kitty finally knew that I was serious. Kitty asked where we were going and I told her back to New York to salvage things. Kitty said that she was not going back to New York. I then told her, You don´t want to go back to New York? OK. Therefore, I am going to put you on a plane, today. I´m sending you back to your parent's house. I will pack everything up and meet you there in a few days. I then drove the car to a travel agent and asked her for the check book. She started to hesitate and I forced her to relinquish the check book. I had noticed from her entries that out of the $3000.00 we deposited, there was only $1200.00 left. Apparently, she had been spending the money going out with Jim every night and paying for everything. I fucking told her off and called her a prostitute. I bought her a ticket on the next plane out. I then drove to the airport and put her on the plane.

I went back to Jim´s house and packed everything up into the car. I then went to the restaurant and told Richie what I did and he said, Good for you. Richie told me that I could sleep at a friend of his for a day or two. We had called them and they said it would be all right. They lived outside of Boulder in Lions, Colorado. I went to their house and chilled out for a while. The next day I had called Kitty at her mother´s house to see how she was doing. Kitty got on the phone. I told Kitty that I was leaving tomorrow and that I would see he in a couple of days. Kitty then said that she was going to Florida with some friends to chill-out. I asked her not to go and wait for me instead. She told me that she needed a break to clear her head. She told me that she was definitely leaving tomorrow. I tried desperately to make her change her mind, but she would not listen. Kitty then asked me what I was going to do. I told her that if she was going to Florida then I would return to New York. We spoke for awhile and then I asked her to call me after four days.

I had hung-out in a state of depression for a couple of days in Lions, Colorado. I had called my mother and told her that I was returning. Richie's friends were sympathetic and supported my spirit with comfort. As I prepared my mind to go back to New York, minus a wife and marriage, I finally initiated the drive back home to New York.

I had much to think about on the ride home to New York. I was hoping to put my marriage back on track. After Kitty´s attitude, it was going to take a great deal for me to feel the same way about her. However, I was willing to give it a try. That is what a good man/husband would do. I had arrived back in New York embarrassed and defeated. I had face the whole shebang with my family and friends. I cried very much as I had to relive that horror of the insanity. After a few days, I had called Jim on the phone to tell him that I was back in New York. I wanted to have a discussion about Kitty, and everything that had happened. I called Jim. The phone rang twice and Kitty answered the telephone. I flipped out!

I started cursing and yelling and told them that I was going to talk with some Mafia people in my neighborhood to fuck them up big time. I told Kitty, Let me speak to that piece of shit. Jim got on the phone and I started threatening him big time about sending some people to settle things. I was serious, but I really wasn´t serious. I just wanted to scare them, and make them worry. I hung the fucking phone up. The marriage was unexpectedly finished.

I couldn´t believe it. Kitty answered the phone. What a pair of balls they both have. They were lying to me from the start, and Richie was correct. Thank God Richie was still a good honest friend. How could two people do that to me without a conscience? Play with my mind, my feeling, and trying to make me believe it was all because of me. I went into rage for two days. I had come to realize that they both wanted me out of the way. I didn´t lose anything, because Kitty did me a favor. I should be happy that I didn´t realize her real personality later on in years. She made me know directly from the start. Now that I know where everything is at I could start to rebuild my life. What do I do now, and how do I get out of this depression.

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