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The Musician... see you among the stars

Chapter 46 - The Test

The Denver Court

Chapter 46 - The Test

With the help of the Eagles in Vultures Clothing book, and its information, I was able to challenge the IRS, and have my credit report cleaned with TRW and Trans Union. It all worked! The Lein was gone and my credit report cleared, but that´s not to say that the IRS won´t put it back again. I needed to learn more and now I'm was intrigued by my success. I never knew any of this before and it opened up my mind to the real reality. Therefore, I contacted the people that wrote the book. They are, We The People, in Huntington Beach, California. I ordered more books through them exposing the unjust law of the land and how to deal with it. Everything from taxes to parking tickets to true constitutional law. I read and studied this subject for months; I eventually became very knowledgeable about it, as well as using this knowledge and material to defend myself. It was great, but I needed to put some of it to the test to really be sure.

I had just received a speeding ticket. This was the third speeding ticket I had received from the municipality of Aurora, Colorado. When you receive a speeding ticket from the Denver municipality, you can plea bargain for fewer points on your license. However, in Aurora, Colorado, there is no plea bargaining. You must accept all the points for the infraction. Since I drive a taxi, I need to bring down my points. Therefore, this was a great opportunity for me to implement everything that I had learned just as a test.

I was going to go into court as a sovereign American and not as a member of the corporation of the City and County of Denver, as my signature on my license suggests. So let´s see what happens.

I walk into the courtroom to take a seat. As I look around the room at the many faces, I see only one expression on everyone´s face. It is the same expression as I. That they have done nothing wrong in the face of God, but the Godless system wants your blood.

The building that houses these courts is massive. The building is made to look official. It is a monument to the power of authority. I look at this massive building, and I can see the billions of gallons of human blood and agony. I knew that this building was built on the usurpation of its citizens.

As I was waiting to be called, a group of public school children were guided around the building for a tour. They entered the courtroom in which I was waiting. As I looked at the children´s faces, I could see that they were not happy faces, but faces of fear. I wanted so badly to say to them, Welcome to the devil´s house. Why were they taken here for a tour? I know why, to get them adjusted into paying this court when they get older. Bring them in, show them that older people will be punished and must pay. When they get older, they will have to do the same. I felt very sorry for them. If I were a parent, I would not let any teacher take my child for a tour into the devil´s house.

My name was called by this attractive, well dressed female with a thick gold chain around her neck, and gold bracelets. She seemed to be making a good wage for being apart of this system. Her title was an assistant city attorney. Any way, she gave me a paper that was supposed to help me decide whether I should plead not guilty or, plea bargain for a non speeding ticket. In any case, they needed my signature. I knew what others didn´t know, that if I sign the document, I automatically waive my rights and enter their jurisdiction so I signed the document, Without Prejudice. When I returned the paper document to the assistant city attorney, she said to me, You signed this, Without Prejudice. I guess you want to see the administrative Judge? I replied, I guess so? I again took a seat and waited. Finally, I was called into the room and sat down.

I tried to not make a plea and use the Uniform Commercial Code to defend my self and I could see that the information I had learned was indeed true. The administrative judge tried to bypass the UCC and asked me for a motion. A month later, I presented a fantastic motion but the judge refused it without any grounds. The judge tried to intimidate me in a gigantic courtroom full of people and lawyers. I tried to challenge the court which is my rights and again the judge said no, I can not. So it certainly appears, through trickery and intimidation, that the courts do not follow their own laws. Their goal is to punish, to make money, and to make you feel as though you committed a bad in the process. This system is a devils system. You must obey or be punished. I am the Master and you are the slave. Police do not get tickets. Judges do not get tickets. The court clerks do not get tickets. The Mayor does not get tickets. Only the slaves they represent get tickets. Well, it was a great learning experience for me and now I know how corrupt the inner system of America really is. I won't challenge the system anymore, because it is useless. You need a great deal of money to fight it and that is all it takes. So from now on, I know where everything is at and where I stand. In the future, I'll have to be very careful and discrete. I'm under the devil's system so I'll have to play by his rules, but the information I had learned can and will help me a little bit to make a decision if I get involved in it in the future. The idea of course is to not become involved.

The Admiralty Court Exists Because the U.S. is Under Martial law

Yellow Fringed Military Flag

This Awareness wishes briefly to remind entities that the admiralty court is the court in which the gold braid goes around the American Flag which indicates the court is under martial law, or under admiralty law, from the martial law since Abraham's Lincoln's executive order putting it under martial law, and in order to continue staying under martial law, the country has to have some kind of war every two years. Thus, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, et cetera, and the admiralty laws are used in the courts in such a way that they are not necessarily tied to the Constitution, although the Constitution is said to be the law of the land. Did you know the U.S. has a Military and a Civil Flag?

This Awareness indicates that when Lincoln was assassinated, no one thought to put an end to this declaration of martial law because of the Civil War and because the martial law has continued up to this time, from the time of the Civil War, the nation can be directed by what is called Admiralty Law or martial law by simply a command of the President or the authority of the land or his agents.

It is not even required by Admiralty Law that Congress conduct proceedings to make laws. The Admiralty Law can provide statutes, which are called statutory laws, while the country is under Admiralty or martial law, but the Admiralty or martial law must come to an end eventually, in which it much either end or be reinstated. Thus, entities will find a new effort to create martial law in this country again. It may be martial law against what is termed a crime wave, even though crime has decreased two years in a row and has not increased much in the past several years. "A country cannot be both ignorant and free..." Thomas Jefferson

US Under Martial Law - War and The Emergency Powers

For example, they may find that a crisis lets them circumvent rules or laws that are protected by Constitutional principles so that they break the Constitution by following procedures in the activity of a disguise of helping out in a crisis. The emergency acts often set aside laws and once a law is set aside for an emergency, it may be left sitting aside.

For example, Abraham Lincoln declared martial law during the Civil War. Martial law has not been lifted yet from his declaration of martial law, over a hundred years ago. This Awareness indicates that any time entities in power want to do something that is illegal under the Constitution, they go simply ahead with it under the principle of the martial law declared by Lincoln. That is how the Executive Orders are presented. They are Executive Orders based on martial law that has not been lifted. This is also referred to as admiralty law.

Thus you have, in one period, a war on poverty. A few years later you have a war on drugs. And there are more and more of these wars occurring every two years. Otherwise, Martial Law would have to be canceled and you would be back under the Constitution, and your freedoms could be restored. You could then plead Constitutional Rights in courts of law. However, at present, the courts of law are following Admiralty Law, and therefore, if you plead Constitutional Rights in court, you are not likely to get anywhere.

Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency. In fact, there are now in effect four presidentially-proclaimed states of national emergency: In addition to the national emergency declared by President Roosevelt in 1933, there are also the national emergency proclaimed by President Truman on December 16, 1950, during the Korean conflict, and the states of national emergency declared by President Nixon on March 23, 1970, and August 15, 1971.

Thus Constitutional Rights only count when you get up into the Supreme Court, for there is a tendency to continue to use the Constitutional law in the Supreme Court because they do not want the people to know that the Constitution has been superseded by Admiralty Law. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the Supreme Court will often rule if there is a constitutional discrepancy, so that the lower laws are supposed to follow the Constitution, and yet, entering into a court of law, arguing with the Constitution, seldom is beneficial to an entity because they will say the entity is in the wrong jurisdiction in this court.

They do not recognize your Constitutional Law in the jurisdiction of an Admiralty setting or court, and therefore, they will rule against you, This is the purpose of lawyers. They are clearly aware of their role in the Admiralty court, because you are not in the right jurisdiction for such.

However, my continue reading about all this did not stop here, and all the answers I have been searching for including who was responsible for distroying and putting my generation into chaos was finally coming into light. I was about to learn the REAL TRUTH and all the answers I was looking for surfaced with it. »»

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